Java Prayer

Riverfalls unto morning

River’d java swirls down

waterfalls of itself into

morning bloodstream,

steaming mountain pools.

 Ground river beans, muddy water,

drink us awake

to sing against stones

flowing downstream.

Do we curse  river rocks or

flow around gray boulders,

effortlessy, effortlessly,

Still river pool

waiting beneath

churning sun-jeweled rapids.


White water rafting into daylight,

we sing java praise.


9 thoughts on “Java Prayer

  1. Laurie, I really can’t handle much caffeine at all. In fact this cup (drinking it here in Starbucks) is half decaff. However…this is another real moment…and the energy in the caffeine wanted to express itself, too.) Heading over to your blog now!

  2. I ALWAYS sing praises to the morning cup. I also know exactly where your photo was taken – did you get a muffin from the Friars’ shop? I have exactly the same colors in my photo of the waterfall – taken in Sept 09.

  3. Ahhhh…Jacob’s falls! I’d have recognized it anywhere. When I left the Copper Country the monks had JUST started and I don’t think they had a store yet..though they did sell thimbleberry jelly…

    Not a coffee drinker but some mornings I wished I did!

  4. Dawn, another person who recognized the falls! (You guys are more visual than I am. I probably wouldn’t recognize the falls on your sites. You’d have to patiently spell it out.) You will have to visit again. They have the most delicious muffins in the world. Oh, and jam, too. Yummmmm….

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