Shapeshifter moon

Longing…longing…for something unexpressed, something unknown.  Restlessness paces moonlit nights.  Hush of new-fallen snow blankets the landscape.  Lifetimes pass as you breathe against the windowpane, steam obscuring vision.  The moon halos and dissolves as you watch and listen to your heart softly strumming.

Desire flickers deep in the chest.  It longs to express an ancient rhythm.  It longs to wing through the shadows of midnight.  It longs to flap silky owl wings, up, down, yellow eyes piercing through the gloom unto Knowing.

Feeling icy wind blowing moon shadows around the stars, you dive into a forest thicket. Branches sting your owl-face.  Below, a hare freezes in a shaft of light.

Owl dives.  Hare dashes.

You blow breath unto the dark window pane, your heart pounding, praying for safety–and the unknown.


6 thoughts on “Shapeshifter

  1. Simply beautiful, Kathy, all morning I was dreaming about the full moon tonight and then I read your blog. 🙂

    “We tap our toes to chaste love songs about the silvery moon without recognizing them as hymns to copulation.”
    ~ Barbara Kingsolver (High Tide in Tucson)

  2. Barbara, it made me feel closer to you to think of you dreaming about the full moon last night. To think it’s the same full moon that shines down on all of us.

    Laurie…the ancient rhythm of the native drums pulses as our heartbeat. The pulse of the unknown, the mystery…

    Barb, to shapeshift and be both (as well as the watcher at the window) is a great gift. Except, maybe, if we’re the hare… my heart is fluttering too!

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