Tiny black angel in spring

Up, up and away


Flies buzz, trapped, in the windows.  Sun and warmth strike their slumbering and they want out into March.  Over and over again they dash against the windowpane, dreaming of springtime and frogs and honeyed wildflowers. 

I open the window, slowly cranking it outward, shooing them into flight.  Will they freeze before dawn?  Will they regret their hasty escape into spring?  When leaves bud too quickly, before frost departs for its northern cave, they shrivel and drop off the eager fingers of trees.  Do flies revel in the escape into sunlight and warmth, only to feel wings turning to stone as the moon eyes the night sky? 

Do you dare call the black-winged fly a tiny angel?  Do you dare go that far?  Or do you swat, swat, swat it back unto its death before the frost lassoes it?  

If the fly dressed in white robes, would you call her Tinkerbell?  Would we kneel before her beauty, amazed at her purity?  Like the white dove of peace would we coo before her? 

“Shoo, outside!” I say, spring breeze fluttering tiny wings.  The fly pauses.  

Are we executioner or savior? 

Quickly…out you go!


3 thoughts on “Tiny black angel in spring

  1. What an unusual photo! What was it, Kathy?

    As to the comparison, hm… I’m nooooot entirely sure either. Dragonflies, perhaps, could work for me though. 🙂

  2. That was a photo from a quonset hut near the Marquette shoreline last summer. I always loved it but could never figure out how to include it in a blog. (Laughing…this may not be the place for it either!)

    Now you ladies, here is a link for you to watch and listen to as soon as possible: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcG1JNpazN4

    All God’s creatures have a place in the choir!!

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