When something goes wrong


Big wave

Something goes wrong.  A little thing, perhaps.  You’re at the coffee shop with limited time and can’t connect to the Internet.   Perhaps you dreamed of hazelnut latte and they’re out of the swirling nutty syrup.   Perhaps a headache threatens.

The little challenges.  La petit crisis.  The thoughts prepare an attack:  “How dare they?  How could this happen?  Why me?  Damn, damn, damn!”

Two choices.  To get in the car with the thoughts and take a ride down the same old path of whining and misery. 

Or to watch the thoughts with detached interest.  Refuse to play their treacherous demanding game.

Open the computer and write a love poem instead!  Order Cinnamon Dolce latte.  I dare you.  Let the headache clench and softly witness its turning.  If you look closely enough, it’s like a wave.  It’s here, it’s gone!  Keep looking.  I dare you to find the place where the headache begins and ends.

Drive cheerfully to the library, sipping.  Mmmm, cinnamon latte!


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