When you visited Wonderland


Looking for the hole into Wonderland

When you visited Wonderland, when you fell down down down the unexpected hole, did you recite prayers or did the tunnel into the underworld glimmer in rainbowed hues and breathless anticipation?

When the White Rabbit clutched his infernal clock (I’m late!  I’m late!  For a very important date!) did you recognize yourself in his pink eyes?  Were you late?  Or were you simply waiting for the proper moment, the proper entrance, the instant where everything opened up?

What do you think about the Mad Hatter?  Are you secretly in love with him, or do you fear him?  When he proposes you stay in Wonderland, will you stay?  Do you love the gap between his teeth and his magic hat? 

Have you done six impossible things before breakfast? 

No?  Why not?

(Or do you recognize that walking across the room might be an impossible thing for a paraplegic?)

You have done six impossible things before breakfast.

Count them all before you slay the jabberwocky.  Even if you don’t want to slay the jabberwocky.

Like Alice, do you refuse to accept what is expected?  Will you sail to China to expand your borders after Wonderland sends you back up the tree roots, back to your established life?

Can you bring potions and magic hats and crazy-talk into your job, your lunch, your coffee, your conversations.  Can you swirl your magic in a way that reclaims the parts of your soul which have shriveled, lost energy, compressed? 

Do you know who you are?

Or has there been…as in Wonderland…”some debate” over that issue.  Are you THE Alice?  Or are you someone else, a “pretend” you, a socialized you? 

Or do you respond, like the Cheshire Cat when eavesdropping about wondering who Alice might be, “I can’t be bothered by politics!”

Alice remembered in Wonderland. 

She brought it back into the garden and never, ever, drinks tea without inviting herself along again.


7 thoughts on “When you visited Wonderland

  1. Hugs, Laurie and Barbara! I went back & re-wrote a little bit (probably after both of you read it) after Kiah reminded me of another part in Alice and Wonderland that we liked. We LOVED the movie. It was magically impossible. I never did like the book/movie as much until last night. It so encourages creativity and expressing your inner “muchness”.

  2. I picked up on the debate over the identity of Alice, too… We loved the movie, too, and how did you know I was secretly in love with the Mad Hatter?

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