Quivering heart (Ode to Gaia)


 Sometimes our heart quivers with tenderness, with grief.

Like a stringed instrument, it sings in tears and pain.

It wails a fragile goodbye, trilling upwards into the ache

of a symphony.

In order to live, we sometimes lose.

We lose our beat, our rhythm, our best friend, our sacred space.

We lose our health, our elders, keys to the hearth.

Tears wash our sight; cleanse our eyes; make new

that which would cling to the old forever.

Far in the distance the mourning dove coos its ancient song.

We remember when our hearts swelled in joy beating

forever, forever.

When the sun sets, only shadows remember.

Quivering heart, I enfold you in a love

which embraces it all.

Don’t lose trust, dear one.

Morning comes soon in pulsing soft blue and pink glory,

birth pangs of a new day.


9 thoughts on “Quivering heart (Ode to Gaia)

  1. Helen and Barbara, thank you both for understanding (and maybe feeling the same way yourselves…although perhaps you are continuing on to the ning community.) I can’t believe the waves of sadness which continue to swell into the shore of my heart.

  2. I wasn’t at Gaia long, but so enjoyed the “family” there when I was. Your words are simple and heartfelt – blessings to you, sweetie.

  3. I am so glad I had a chance to connect with you today, dearest one. Hold those truths close in your heart, may they warm and guide your path as you go deeper and higher and farther. Much love.

    • Nicole, your call today meant SO MUCH to me. Your understanding and sympathy and empathy was such a gift. Sorry for all the tears… But it was such a special moment to be able to share all my grief and feel your warmth and understanding. Much love to you, as well. (And thank you for coming by here!)

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