The blade and the ice

Spiral of life

How many years ago did your sharp silver blade slice the ice?  How many years did you twirl and spin and dance?  In costumed glory you moved with such grace, such beauty.

How many times did we venture in the icy rink, our breath blowing halos of misty-cold, our bodies warm and heavy with sleep at 6 a.m.?  How many times did you glide fearlessly across another world while I clutched steaming coffee, half-asleep?

How many tests and competitions did we hover at the edge of yellow bleacher seats with the other parents, telling ourselves it didn’t matter whether you passed or placed?  Breathless as you pivoted or twirled or missed a dance step.  Rejoicing as you claimed your pre-silver, silver or pre-gold metals? 

When you placed 7th, we threw our arms around you in a bear-hug of love murmuring “next time, next time”.  When you placed 1st, we whooped and hollered and celebrated at Pizza Hut.

In your gauzy light blue dress you performed your Senior Solo; how many winters have passed since that March weekend?  Surrounded by a tribe of skaters, we rejoiced.  From four years old with Little Mermaid wand to seventeen…how the years gather speed and accelerate, rarely glimpsing backward.

Today, at the ice rink, the skating club celebrated twenty years of programs.  I sat freezing cold, stunned into past memories.  Where did that little girl go?  Where sits the silver blade which pivoted so beautifully? 

The years twirl even faster on the Dance of Ice, around and around and around, as we sit in the bleachers watching beautiful spinning as the skaters hold their edge in the spiral of life.


10 thoughts on “The blade and the ice

  1. Kathy – Your post today brought back memories of the skate position “shoot the duck” and then celebrating with gigantic dill pickles for a quarter afterward. Great memory — thank you!

  2. I sure didn’t expect this when I checked in! I love you mama, wish I could have been there for the 20 years remembered.

    • Kiah, I tried to call you last night to tell you, but you were probably still at work. Just re-read this and started crying again! Your mama is emotional these days…

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