Frost love

Driving along the asphalt with starry sky blessing pavement, the wheels rolling us closer and closer to a love pulsating steadier than the car engine, more true than the carburetor, safer than the metal shell which speeds faster than the chickadees.

Spikes of trees etch against the dawn skyline.  If our eyes leave the road even for an instant, even for a second, we glimpse the trees and the openness of our gazing is love itself.  Do we know this?  Love itself gazes from our blue eyes, our brown eyes, our gray eyes, our hazel eyes.

Our attention turns (oh look at the magic of attention turning–its own perfect GPS!) to the radio singing its hip hop or old rock ‘n roll.  Our ears such magic antennas!  The simple act of hearing–truly hearing–the swell of melody–Love!

We roll down the window before the whisper of thought “roll down the window” even hatches.  It’s not the window which gleams miraculous in its up and down motion.  It’s our awareness of glass–movement–switch–fresh morning wind!  Our attention itself a gift on the ride, a gift of love.

We think of love as a rush in the lagoons of our heart, a swelling, a bursting on the horizon.  We think of love as fireworks against the moon.  And love can pour like bliss oiling the motor of our journey. But love more subtle than huge outpourings of emotion already lies with the movement of eye, ear, nose, breath, the hand gently grasping the wheel. Even before our heart swells, love drives the car, gently moving here-here-now here.

As our radar turns, effortlessly, effortlessly, it leaves only love in the wake of its perception.  The radar is love itself!  Unconditional love…as the radar views equally tire and road, wind and metal, spark plugs and song.

In the convertible of our day love drives us. 

Want to go for a ride?


13 thoughts on “Love

  1. Sure do! Actually I feel like I just went on a ride while reading your illuminating words… That awareness I felt so often as a child, riding in the “way back” of my parents’ station wagon…

  2. I just sat very very still and imagined the three of you and thought of you all, one by one. Feeling deep love for all of you right now–even got some tears tingling! What a car ride…

  3. Ah! What love! I am dancing!!!!! Screaming happy reading this! You invoke the consciousness to NOW! And I scream!

    Awareness sanctifying every act you do! And every act you do not do! 🙂

    …Kathy, these words created waves of love in me!

    I even feel the stars!

    Thank you!
    with love!

    • Cheyenne…I have never ever in the three years I’ve been blogging have anyone say that they “screamed” after reading one of my blogs. LOL! But, knowing you, you are a limousine of love. You are, you are. A convertible limousine so you can feel the stars.

    • \o my love!

      (Just to explain to the rest of you this is a little love note my daughter & I leave each other. When it comes together it looks like o/\o It’s like jumping up and clapping your hands together up in the air!)

  4. “… oh look at the magic of attention turning–its own perfect GPS).

    I love this word picture. A new way of looking at things — it took my mind in a number of directions.

    Beautiful post, thank you.

    • Thank you, Laurie, so much. I am loving creating word-pictures in this little blog. It makes my heart swell with love! And seeing you stopping by does, too. Blessings, dear Driver.

  5. Ah, this blog makes me greedy …these are words that I want to savor and read again and again. There is that quality to the thoughts that you wonder what will come next!

    Wow, Kathy, this is just beautiful. Driving is such an integral part of my thinking life, that sharing your thoughts while in a cer have an even more special meaning.

    • Meenakshi, seriously my heart is filled with love seeing you here. I am trying to write about ordinary things–like driving a car or drinking tea–and show the spirit-light-love-awareness without necessarily talking intellectually about spirituality. So glad you enjoyed this. Love to you!

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