Make a wish

Coming over here to this Simply Here den to pause, to dream with my cub brothers and sisters, to feel fur and sleepy eyes and warmth. 

So much coming and going on my other blog; so many people visiting!  As much as I love it, a part of me shuts down, down, way down.  The mind begins a hypnotized hum, an inability to respond to comments.  It’s like a bee hive of activity–honey everywhere!  Dripping sweet honey and we bees buzzing everywhere, drunk with pollen and scent of lilac, and the afternoon sun lulls us to sleep, to comfort, to the music of community sharing sweet with perfume and sometimes stingers.

Some think the forest is silent, still. 

The forest, truly, throbs with life.  Birds squawk and crow and sing and dive and cluck and bang their beaks staccato against rotting trees.  Leaves crackle beneath paws.  Chainsaws sing in the distance.  Boat motors whine on the bay.  Logging trucks chug up a distant hill.  Coyotes howl.  Owls insistently ask Who, Who? A mile down the road children shriek and play.

Life’s rhythms:  silence and then flurried movement.  Silence and movement.  We ride the ferris wheel to its crest and then sink down with a swooping exhilaration.  Up and down.  Up and down.  Around and around we circle on Life’s Magic Ride, the wind blowing our hair, the cubs slumbering innocent in the den, the honeybees sipping nectar, the tides moving in and out carrying precious shells as cargo.

Today it’s a fiesta, a party of people…tomorrow we sit alone on a stone jutting out into the lake with only a lone seagull to witness our beating heart.


16 thoughts on “Hypnotized

  1. Hi Laurie and Barbara. Thank you both so much for stopping by this quiet den. The other blog is still going hog-wild with 5,000 hits and 105 comments now. I won’t be able to sit on that rock and pretend I’m a seagull just yet! Breathing, Laurie… Love you both!

  2. So, dearest Kathy, you have made FRESHLY PRESSED once again! How do you do that? I’m so bouncy-happy for you!

    But it is WONDERFUL to share this quiet little place with you… I love what you said in the first line: “this Simply Here den to pause, to dream with my cub brothers and sisters, to feel fur and sleepy eyes and warmth.”

    Awwww… that’s exactly how it feels to me too, when I visit you here.

    Warm thoughts of peace to you. 🙂

  3. Hi Reggie~~I love this warm cozy little spot. And that you visited! Peace to you!

    Colleen~~Tis peaceful. Tis the most peaceful on-line spot I have. (Even thought 32 people have visited here today–a huge turnout!) Hugs to you!

    Kim~~don’t you love dandelions? Why do people call them weeds? They are the most amazing flower! Hugs and peace to you, too…

    Whispering: Good night to all of you…wishing we could share a cup of tea right now.

  4. I’d like to forward you to a Upp-er I know who would enjoy your work (as I have) but can’t figure out how. By the way, on your facebook blogette, I’ve started friending people who like what I like Why not make friend with strangers? I already know the people I know.
    I appreciate your courtesy,

  5. Thank you, Joseph. Good luck making friends with strangers on FB. Most of the strangers that have be-friended have remained strangers, sadly enough. But do come over here to visit! I respond to ‘most every comment. Except when there are 154 of them. Then my lips go silent. Thank you for reading the Simply Here now. And commenting. Welcoming you happily.

  6. It’s lovely to see this blog in contrast to Lake Superior, I like that your mind and emotions are in to different places and that you can write about it. Beautiful.


    • Val, I have liked to write different kinds of blogs from the different parts of self. For years I wrote a strictly spiritual blog…then a nature blog…now Lake Superior Spirit which is more eclectic…and this one which attempts to describe presence. You know…it’s probably time to write another blog over here. When a spare moment opens up! Thank you so much for your kind words.

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