Simple stone

Oh my goodness, I have neglected the Baby Blog. 

I will, therefore, paint a picture for you.

This is my life.

I arrived at my brother’s cottage about 4 p.m. (which was my childhood cottage, owned by my parents) and discovered:

A) no heat

B) no Internet

C) cancelled dinner date with friend

D) no cell phone service within cottage


I drove to downtown Bellaire

and sat

in a coffee/wine shop

and ordered

a glass

of Sauvignon Blanc


I’ve drunk way too much coffee during the nine-hour drive downstate.

There is a family eating the most delicious-looking pizzas outside the window.  But.  I cannot order anything to eat because my brother and his wife and I shall be eating dinner somewhere between 7 and 8 p.m.

Music plays above my head in speakers.  The air downstate feels different.  More gentile.  Less wild.  Less unpredictable.

Yet life is unpredictable.  You never know when you will see….three very interesting young people enter the coffee/wine shop.  One wears a bright yellow shirt.  One of them dances as he orders coffee.  Another smiled at me with all her teeth opened wide.  How could we have ever anticipated this?

I have chatted for at least fifteen minutes with my friend Susie Q on Facebook.  I have resolved all my issues on Facebook but hesitate writing another Facebook blog on WordPress.  The resolution was spiritual…and how can one adequately explain one’s spiritual reasons? 

Two hours until dinner.  At least.  Bellaire is my childhood village; the town where I took driver’s training as a fifteen year old.  This is the town where my brothers rescued a drowning Catholic priest and his dog.  Where a tornado ripped across the lake when my brother and I roller-skated downtown.  My mother refused to remain beneath the heavy kitchen table as the tornado swirled across the lake.  The tornado picked up boats, hydroplanes and lawn chairs.  We all survived to make this legend, repeated these forty years later.

I feel like I am spiralling back toward childhood now, like a tornado swirling back into the past.  Soon I will sit with my mother and father at our wooden childhood table.  My mother still guides me; my father advises.  It is good.  Please stay and advise me forever! my inner child begs although the adult knows that nothing remains forever…


14 thoughts on “Traveling

  1. Dear Susan D…thank you for being her in this whirlwind of life. Dear Laurie, how right you are. I am blessed. Blessed, blessed, by the winds of life. I am blessed by the presence of both of you, surely.

  2. Don’t you just love the perfection of your life?
    How all of those unexpected “bumps in the road” gave you the time and space to have a nice glass of wine, visit with a friend, relive childhood memories, and write this lovely blog?
    Thank you Universe.
    Thank you Kathy.
    I’m so happy that it all worked out this way! 🙂

  3. Dear sue, oh how right you are! the unexpected bumps just created more lovely opportunities. I do love this life…(And guess what? I’m at another coffee shop, 120 miles further along the road. In West Branch now, headed for Yale. Frozen hazelnut latte, yum!!) I have so many pictures you wouldn’t believe it. 🙂

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  5. You are wise to appreciate your mom’s guidance and your dad’s advice while it’s still there to tap. Soak up all of it that you can. I miss my mom and have to be there for my dad now, although I do feel them there inside me somehow…

    I love the simple stone.

    • Barbara, thank you. It feels right to spend as much time with them as possible. Bet you do miss your mom…although she is still present with you. I so admire what you are doing to help your dad!

  6. Make memories, enjoy your family, travel thoughtfully, live life. In the end that’s all that is important!
    Thanks for taking us along on your trip!

  7. Mmmm…. returning to childhood memories can be invigorating for both mind and body.

    Lovely post.


    • What a delight! You found the Simply Here blog. And now I know your name is Val. Glad you enjoyed the moments at the coffee shop on my way down state.

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