The world we didn't expect

Raw evening.

Soft evening.

Evening of bird song, evening of silver jumping fish.

Evening of hushed murmurs in the woods.

Evening of family-talk, husband-talk. son-talk.

Evening where memory meets bird song.

Evening where the sizzle of fish on the grill

meets corn on the cob.

Yellow dripping butter cobs

meet rustling wind on the horizon.

You and I meet in these spaces,

don’t we?

You and I meet

and our soft voices

mingle in the place

where the sun meets the horizon,

where the July sky disappears

into the vast lake

beyond what we try to say.

Where our hearts intersect in the foam of the waves.

Where we can’t quite express what the

dying sun says so well just before it fully disappears.


20 thoughts on “Evening

  1. Kim, Laurie and Jeff…thinking of you all sitting in your homes feeling the soft summer breeze on your cheeks. May the hammock of gentle words rock you this weekend in between fireworks. (Jeff, it seems like there are always lulls in between conversations where everyone else wants to nap or read or talk on the phone or check their own email. That’s when I sit down at the computer and empty my mind and let the words arise. Oh and the photos on the other blog came from a walk Amy and I took the night before down to the lake.)

  2. “Where our hearts intersect in the foam of the waves.

    Where we can’t quite express what the

    dying sun says so well just before it fully disappears.”

    Whoa Laurie!

    For me….

    This is an acutely sensitive capturing of the essence of life in what is always passing away. It is the surrender into the heart of truth through clear seeing of impermanence. It points to the beauty of that surrender and points to how fundamental it is to clear seeing even if it is so difficult to describe…. you pointed to and described it BEAUTIFULLY!

    This one is Major League in its ability to touch the core of life and reconcile beauty, life, and death into one unified whole. Geeeeez!

    That is unity and integration of all of life!


    Deep Bow of Gratitude!!!!

  3. Sorry Kath!!! LOL! I just got done writing a response to Laurie’s Blog!!!

    I didn’t expect that!!!! OMG! So Sorry!

  4. Love you, Ben. I am honored to be confused with Laurie. We are all One anyway…it’s just a matter of distinction. LOL! And Happy to feel what you share…

  5. Eyes full of tears!!!! ~ a heartfelt silent YES!!!!!

    In the gaps I feel rejuvinated…born again and again!

    In love! O, thank you, Kathy!

  6. Cheyenne and Jeannie~~what a delight to feel you here. You, too, are now between the words & sentences of this poem. Melding with you both, always.

    • Thank you, Helen. It was a restful and delicious night. (Unlike last night which leaned toward restless and…well just restless.) Your comment gladdened this heart today.

  7. Kathy, yes…evening of silent song and sacred space. I do feel as if we meet in these silent places, beyond what our words can possibly express. And it is so very beautiful.

    • Colleen, have you heard stories of the older Native Americans who would travel miles & miles to be together? They would sit together in silence for a day or two, and then be on their way. With rarely a word exchanged! The exchange was all in the silent places.

      My friend Amy told me she had a friendship once which was mostly silent. I find this so fascinating!

  8. I have had a few friendships where calm and quiet communication were the norm. Yes, it was fascinating to communicate non-verbally or minimal conversation. Actually, some of my best parts of conversations that I enjoy are those silent moments where there is just a peaceful Aha between friends.

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