Power of storm

Trees crash to the earth!   The earth shudders as the limbs and branches fall against its breast. 

Five minutes ago the remaining leaves fluttered 90 feet to soil.  Wind clamoured against limbs, taunting relative stability.  Now roots shudder deep in earth, unable to dig deeper talons into dirt, and the tall tree topples aimlessly down, down, down.

Trees lie everywhere, fallen warriors.  Invisible blood drips unto orange autumn leaves.  Moisture puddles around the hearts of the fallen warriors.  Roots lie exposed, innocent.  War is everywhere.

Wind shrieks through invisible tunnels between long-legged aspen.  A freight train roars in branches.  Then silence.  In eerie silence the forest stills.  Trees tighten root toes even deeper into clay.  They seek the steadfastness of rocks.  They seek to sway, to bend.  Balance must be maintained.  Too rigid, and one topples.  Too loose, and roots rips out beneath.

Rain spatters cold droplets against grey bark.  Wet leaves rise from soil in  wind’s yoke, then settle heavily.  Offshore waves rise from their underwater world and Ojibway legends peer with one eye from the churning depths daring the reckless sailor to come closer.

Deep in Lake Superior, three hundred feet down, glassy-eyed lake trout glide in the ancient wreck of another ship caught in storm’s fury.  Silver fins slice by a shard of white bone.

Linger in the depths another moment.  At the surface the wind howls.  Remember yourself, and rise swiftly to the light.


9 thoughts on “Storm

  1. Thank you, Laurie and Colleen. This blog was an Experiment. I had nothing to say before sitting down to write. Not even a subject in mind. Wanted to do free flow writing and see what might arise. It didn’t quite express anything profound, but it was interesting to see what came up from the depths of the lake.

    • Oh Kathy ( just about said No, Kathy 🙂 ) I thank YOU. Just finished reading these words….”She holds nothing back from life” (A Thousand Names for Joy) and thought of you.

      • I LOVE Byron Katie…she’s one of my heroines. I don’t want to ever hold anything back from life! Still working on that. Smile. Thank you, Ms. Colleen.

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