Let us pray in yoga

Sunrise salutation

When you do your sunrise salutation, do you hurry through the motions in a mechanical rush—prayingmountainbackwardbendforwardbendlungedownwarddogspider cobradownwarddoglungeforwardbendbackwardbendpraying mountain?

Let us pray in yoga.

Clasping hands, pray.  Breathe in.  Elongate the precious spine, maintain posture.  Breathe out.  Let the breath pray.  Fully conscious of every breath as it rises and falls.

Hands above head in ancient in-breath, bending forward on steady out-breath, dropping earthward on in-breath…as you press forward to earth feeling the sacred surrender which rises as you lift upward, every muscle vibrant and alive to that which informs yoga, which informs the heart of prayer, which moves us throughout the day in gentle yet fierce connection to the divine.

Salute the sun in the slowness of a breath so slow that it takes a full moment to engage a single move.  Feel the dance in every bone, in sinew, in pulsing salty water crystals.  Slower still you move in the rhythm of the in-breath, the out-breath, the breath somehow beyond movement itself.

As you stretch, stretch unto God.  As hands rise into heaven, silently give praise, recognizing the Above before surrendering down to the Earth, down, down to that which created movement itself.  Down to soil, compost, seeds.

You stretch deeper onto God this day, deeper onto yoga.  Your body bends, supple, honoring  rigidity of bone amd feathered muscle.  Heaven touches earth as fingers reach toes. 

Into each of the directions you turn–dancing, dancing, feather light, focused onto death–honoring yellow sun, orange sun, red sun, white sun.  Start with the east, the dawning ember and slowly slowly turn to south, west, north.  Another day!  Another day!  Turn slower now, not to miss a single rising, a single breath, a single sacred pulse.

Sunrise salutation is you, sun is you, breath is you, turning you.  You have risen and you shall rise again.  You breathe and you shall breathe again.  Your forehead surrenders onto itself and rises even higher into the heavens.  Your belly rests.

Hands clasp to your heart.  Thank you, thank you, before the next move rises into a day which holds so much possibility you can only lunge forward again bringing together that which seems impossible, improbable, magical, profound.


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