The Milky Way of ourselves

Beyond ourselves...


You who call yourself “shy”…look deeper at your life.  Can you find a place where you express yourself without hesitation, where you’re outgoing, where you aren’t afraid to shout to the sky:  “I AM!”

You who call yourself “outgoing”…c’mon, look deeper.  Can you find a shy side, a reserved side, a scared little kid afraid to say “boo”?  Can you find the part of yourself which longs to hide under a tree, in the chickadee hollow, in the deepest ravine?

You who call yourself  a happy person…can you dive beneath murky waters to discover the part of your soul which weeps at injustice, at sorrow, at unfairness?  Are you brave enough to grieve; can your tears fill a lake in which your dearly departed dips an oar to reach the other side?

You who view the world pessimistically, who rail at snow and thunderstorms and hot weather…can you find the child within who looked for the rainbow’s end, who knew gold scattered between stones on riverbeds, who smiled endlessly for no reason at all except the goldfinch song?

You who label yourself “rich”…can you find that which is poor within?  That which is hungry?  That which never gleans enough inner wheat?  If you call yourself “poor”…can you discover that which shines brighter than the nearest sun within your empty beating heart?

You who call yourself a leader…is there an inner follower wanting only to turn left, right, up, down as nature dictates?  You who think you’re a follower…have you ever lead down forest paths without hesitation?  Have you ever witnessed a single other breathe, “Yes!  You’re right!  Thank you!”

We who call ourselves names, who wear labels as we rise from midnight beds, have we ever glimpsed ourselves beyond the mental clothes into the fullness of ourselves? 

Have you ever lost your humanity–even for an instant–and knew yourself as the blue jay darting among spruces?  As the river babbling to the lake?  As the sun rising beyond your greatest expectations, your greatest hopes?

Have you ever known, even briefly, that this room is yourself?  That everything you perceive and think and dream and do is yourself?  And that label “yourself” stretches along a Milky Way of infinite possibilities beyond any name you’ll ever laughingly call yourself ever again.


17 thoughts on “The Milky Way of ourselves

  1. Loved It Kath! Serendipity strikes. A poem wrote itself last week about allowing all with No Hesitation…

    No Hesitation


    Really look.
    Everything happens
    as it will.
    Can you deny it?

    The Suchness
    of Everything,
    and Nothing,
    as it is….


    No denial
    No demands
    Real Intimacy.
    Real Vulnerability
    Not Caring.
    How it Looks.
    And Grateful

    This Love
    The Love

    the essence
    all judgment.

    It is
    the longness,
    the spaciousness,
    and the freedom
    where you
    and I meet


    It is
    we glance
    into each
    other’s eyes
    nothing else

    Nothing else
    and we
    the friend

    No Hesitation,
    No Separation,
    All Welcome,
    This Love.


    • This love…all there is. No hesitation, no separation.
      Ben, I am always so delighted to read what births through your open heart. Namaste, dear z. (Raising this cup of tea to you and serendipity!)

  2. I have known, Kathy, moments like the ones you describe to lyrically… They are such precious reminders that we are all one with everything, the universe, connected in a deep mystery that surrounds us, is us. Love the picture – a lot of those moments happen by the shore…..

  3. Kathy, this is a post where words are not enough for a response to you. The words you have written are just so “right”. No more words are neccessary.

    Thank you so much for posts like these.

    • You are welcome, Joanne. It is always a delight to come over here to Simply Rising and witness the words rising from the heart in lyrical abandon. I appreciate that you appreciate it.

    • Interesting question, Jeff. Do we dare share those moments…even with ourselves? Sometimes, in the sharing, we inspire and enrich ourselves and others. At other times, maybe the silence is our deepest communion. Thank you for your questions.

    • Laurie, I am so sleepy tonight that your simple sentence makes me want to fall into bed and let the sheets envelop me. But we have a soft white blanket sitting on the couch, so that is what will envelop now. Thank you for your resonance.

  4. Oh, Kathy……yes, I have had brief glimpses of those infinite possibilities beyond anything we can possibly name. Fleeting moments that I have never been able to find words for.

    • I long for those “fleeting moments” to become permanent. But maybe they could just be “enough”. Enough as they are. Fleeting moment of infinite possibilities that illuminate our paths.

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