What is enough?


My prayer, if I have a prayer, is that this Moment is Enough.

That this rising moment, this expression of the Infinite, is Enough.

That we need no more.

That we want no more.

That this is enough, in the fullness of it, the perfection of it.

It is enough.

We know it’s enough if we view it from the eagle’s eye soaring above.

Yet, below, on the ground, we’re limited.  We see from such limited angles.  We see like the mouse, the shrew, the bat.  We see what’s in front of our faces.

May what’s in front of our faces be enough.

May we see the perfection hidden within the chaos.

The glory hidden within all that we push away.

Can you hear the song the chickadee sings?  Enough, enough, enough

Can you see the song the dawn sings?  Enough, enough, enough!

How we navigate between thoughts of discontent, setting our GPS on enough, fills the sails of our days.

Right now, this precious moment, can you feel it?

It contains enough, enough to fill our communion cup, to wet our thirsty lips, to drink the fullness of the rising moment, the way the song dances in our hearts at this moment, this precious moment, this moment never to be danced again in this precious dip and shimmy.


10 thoughts on “What is enough?

  1. When we live in the present moment we can have no regrets when those moments become our past. And when we live in the present moment we cannot feel anxious about the future, as it hasn’t entered our thoughts yet.

    How I wish I had learned this lesson years ago! Thank you for the reminder today, Kathy. 🙂

    • Joanne, I think I needed the reminder today, too. The present moment condenses us into enough. That’s what I think. Or maybe–that’s what I know. Sometimes.

  2. Kathy……I’ve been thinking about this lately too. A lot. And am feeling very blessed, right now, to be spending this one precious moment with you.

  3. Beautiful, Kathy. As Grandfather would occasionally say, “my cup runneth over.” Chickadee songs make me feel that way, too! More than enough!

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