It’s not in us that our freedom lies.


It’s not in us that our freedom lies.

Our freedom lies beyond us, in a land beyond us, which simultaneously mountains or oceans or valleys around us.

It’s not in us that our freedom lies.

Our freedom lies beyond the individual, beyond the personalities, beyond the many names we call ourself.

Our freedom lies in God–yet the God we invoke answers more to the name “awareness” than to the name “God.”  This freedom walks with us daily, hand in hand.  It drinks our tea with us.  It blinks its sleepy eye with us before we even rise from our bed, our tangled sheets, our song of morning.

Our freedom watches us with the most unconditional love we can imagine.  It accepts everything, the dirt and the mud and the high-flying eagle and the way the sun stains the sky inky orange and pink.

Our freedom is different from anything our personalities can imagine.  You can sense it most closely in that which witnesses our day.  That which sees the chickadee.  That which hears the wind in the spruce.  That which watches words appear.  That which exists, almost separate at first it seems, from the person you call John or Mary or Pablo or Kathy.

At first we only glimpse our freedom sporadically.  It appears, it disappears, it feels irretrievable, lost, gone.  Yet as we dwell within it–it slowly or quickly or perhaps inevitably–is realized as that which exists before, after and during the incarnations we call “self”.

I drift in and out of this freedom, this realization.  Over and over and over again “it” moves throughout the day, looking at the woodstove, listening to the finches, walking up the spiral stairway.  Next moment I’m lost in thoughts and ideas–oh so Kathy–and the awareness watches, delighted perhaps–who knows?–and then it settles again and lights the next match and watches everything ignite–paper, kindling, wood! 

Light the next match.  It’s burning everything, you included. 

But hold on to your story for as long as you love it. 

It loves your story, too, as it loves everything.


11 thoughts on “It’s not in us that our freedom lies.

  1. Your posts on Simply Here, creep up, just as those things. Utterly simple and seemingly small and contained in the ingredients and then–the vastness that is what I call noticing it for what part it has on the web, brings me to tears, just like a bird out of doors, or a butterfly round the next corner. 🙂

  2. This sentence jumped out and grabbed me:

    Our freedom lies in God–yet the God we invoke answers more to the name “awareness” than to the name “God.”


  3. Elisa, Laurie and Barbara~~honoring the awareness, the Oneness, that we all are~~with our sparkling lights shining in the world. Love to all of you (all of us) this morning!

  4. Your words speak volumes, Kathy, and there are a million underlying words, between each sentence, which you haven’t included. The individual freedom within each of us will add those extra words to this story, to soothe our own souls, as we watch the flames of the fire.

  5. Your pictures are priceless Kathy. I love this blog. It’s a real refuge. I love how you talk about freedom being beyond us, rather than within us. I have never thought of it in in that way but of course it is true. I like the multidimensional implication. . . very accurate. Thank you

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