what next?

sitting in coffee shop, hard straight wooden chair, green-apron women whirring frappuccino in blender, sultry female singer of love or something mysterious, shop suddenly empty except maybe in that far corner, coffee glass empty of everything except its bright green straw, deep smells of roasted brew, copper tile floor, Facebook announcing (1) comment but nothing exists when you click, email says someone commented on Laurie’s blog, fingers resting lazily on the keyboard, 88 photos downloaded and not a single one which sizzles the heart into publishing, meeting Bertha to celebrate her 60th birthday within the hour, man’s voice singing in Frank Sinatra-like tease, bright March light shining through window, twittering of barrista-talk, tired shoulders, full belly, how can I eat again so soon?, bottled waters and juices in the open refrigerated case, thoughts rising, disappearing, like coffee, like customers, like words, like photos, like music.  what next?  what rises and disappears next?


6 thoughts on “what next?

  1. Kathy,

    Since I know Starbuck’s coffee shops fairly well, I am right there with you, even if I didn’t know them, I would be in the fragrance and energy of the space you are in just from the word journey you have taken us on !


    • you are here, jeff~~and so am i~~again this morning. glad you smelled the coffee and are sitting over there in that wooden chair with your own cup of~~well, I can’t exactly see what you are drinking. 🙂

  2. Kathy, I love your word pictures and coffee shops and you! So glad you are helping Bertha celebrate her 60th birthday. It’s truly a special moment in one’s life.

    • colleen, i know you are here because one of the barristas just said, “colleen”. bertha is doing yoga in the motel and i am doing yoga with my pictures in a few minutes. blog yoga. then we meet for breakfast in two hours!

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