Don’t you dare wake up

Kill the Buddha if you see him.

I have decided to advise people~~don’t wake up.

Don’t you dare wake up.  Don’t even try.  You’re doomed to failure.

You’re already awake.

Don’t you dare wake up.  Stay asleep!  Who said sleep isn’t wonderful, lovely, soothing, beautiful, magnificent?  I LOVE to sleep!  I love the cozy bedsheets, the warm winter quilt, the way everything disappears and you’re so relaxed and thoughts stop their eternal blathering and the midnight moon shines on your dreams.

So let’s seal a pact with blood.  Let’s stay asleep forever.  Let’s revel in our individuality, our personalities!  There is only one personality that shines as beautiful as you–and it’s YOU, anyway can see that if they’re enjoying the play!  You’re playing your asleep-role perfectly, not a missed step, not a flubbed line.   You’re EXCELLENT in your performance! 

Why in the world would you want to wake up and realize you weren’t the queen, the shining star, the villain, the devil in disguise, the rogue knight, the sweet lil thing, the wild temptress, the broken cup?

No, no, no, you won’t convince us to give up the play!  It’s entertaining on a Saturday night…no, make that Monday, Tuesday and maybe every turning season and falling snowflake and sun-burning trip to the beach without your sunscreen.

It’s such a lie when so-called enlightened ones parrot “WAKE UP!  WAKE UP!” as if it’s an exulted state, a superior state, a gosh-darn something-more-to-attain.  Don’t you hate it?  Doesn’t it make you squirm sideways in your seat when you think they have something you don’t have?  They’ve realized something you can’t even fathom except for the five minutes when you’re reading their book and you nod and say, yep, it’s true.  I know it’s true and then you go back to the play without a second thought like you’ve never read the book, like you’ve never heard the word enlightened, like you wanted to embody the “Jane” or “Mary” or “Ron” or “Tom” that you wear like a skin, like life itself.

So we’ll burn all their books and toss away all their words–no, we’ll toss away all words about spirituality altogether–and happily forget that there’s a mad search for money, for better jobs, for perfect children and transcending ourselves. 

Don’t wake up.  If  I catch you using the word “enlightenment” again, I won’t point to the moon, dammit.  It’s not about the finger.  It’s not about the finger pointing to the moon.  I’m pointing to you.  YOU!  Your unique individual precious self that spills crumbs and wipes them up.  That says brilliant words and then chokes on your own stupidity.  Who steps on ants while proclaiming non-violence. 

I’m pointing to you~~precious, asleep you~~from precious asleep me. 

Now, let’s open our eyes and get out of bed.


6 thoughts on “Don’t you dare wake up

  1. A wise person once told me to keep in mind that when you point your finger at someone else, three other fingers are pointing back at you. This post reminded me of that, and of the wise person, someone I haven’t been in touch with for a while. I should remedy that. Thank you. 🙂

    Burrowing down under the covers and remaining asleep is so very tempting…

  2. Oh, Kathy….I wonder if we spend so much time looking/searching/wanting-to-know-or-to-be that we miss what is right in front of us all the time. The absolute sweetness of our own inate being. Maybe we can just stop, all of it, and this is what we’ll find. Maybe this is all that really matters.

    Just wondering……

  3. I like this post, because it deals in the real world. Of course you can never get away from your fictional self, but you can see it for what it is, a fiction.

    See the truth. There is no you.

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