April Fools!

One of the moose herd which has just invaded the Upper Peninsula

When someone said yesterday “Don’t wake up” nobody laughed and shouted with great hilarity “April Fools!” and stomped their feet on the ground and roared and chuckled and tears rolled down astounded faces at the audacity of that statement.  Don’t wake up!  As if anyone couldn’t wake up…try sleeping more than ten or twelve hours unless you have the flu or a deathly croup or coma.

Yet everyone laughed when someone blogged about whale watching in the Upper Peninsula and the news editor over there at TV 6 said a herd of 456 moose wandered into the UP from Wisconsin. At the bank my friend Renee got a call from her granddaughter who cried and said their beloved dog died, and Renee cried, and the granddaughter howled, “April Fools, Grandma!” and Grandma threatened to come home and cut off her pigtails–or something similar–but no one laughed when somebody said “Don’t wake up” even though it’s the funniest joke on the planet, no maybe in the Universe, no maybe it’s not a funny joke to anyone but those trying really hard to wake up.  Although maybe those folks sniffed, “The audacity!  Kill the Buddha?  Don’t wake up? Why that’s the most important thing in the world!” and clung to their spiritual beliefs harder than I cling to my checking email and drinking coffee.

April Fools!  Don’t wake up!  hahahaha…Or you could write an April Fools blog saying, “Wake up!  Wake up!” and it would be equally funny.

I spend most of my days laughing, don’t you? 

Perhaps every day is April Fools Day and the grand joke is that we don’t know it because we’re too busy believing the stories we’re telling ourselves and suffering because the world isn’t agreeing with our mental agendas.

April Fools!  Got to go now–either check out some of those Lake Superior whales or try to take pictures of that huge moose herd…


6 thoughts on “April Fools!

  1. There is no way I can keep up with your energy this week or your mind/s …. I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum … and not yet awake. Lol, Lol … Kudos, K

  2. LOL My funny bone needs exercising! I read your blog yesterday about not waking up and was thinking…”hmmm April Fools??” but didn’t say anything….I think I’ve lost my funny bone somewhere or else it’s gotten sadly inept….sigh..

    But seeing this today made me laugh knowing it was my thought yesterday…:)

    You are too fun! Have fun watching whales and counting moose!

  3. Sorry, guys. My mind is kinda in one of those crazed creative times recently. It has endless contradictory ideas which it’s mischieviously attempting to express. Happy April Fools and funny bones and whales and moose and awakeness and asleepness and, hey, hope you all have a magnificent April! (Susan, you get better. ASAP. And that’s no joke.)

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