The Presence Process

If you, like me, desire more present-moment-awareness, more being-in-this-here-now place~~

If all the parts of you insist that every traffic signal, every bird song, every frog croak exists simply as Presence~~

If you find yourself distracted by emotional woes and sorrows, by grasping or compulsions, by anger or rage, by an inability to place yourself squarely in the middle of Now and wake up today in Now~~

Please scurry yourselves to the nearest bookstore and peruse Michael Brown’s The Presence Process:  A Journey into Present Moment Awareness.

This book is not for everyone.  It’s only for those who desire more present moment intimacy and who are willing to engage in a practice to enrich it. 

Do not take this suggestion to heart unless you ask yourself~~is this what I want?  If you suspect you do, buy the book.

The book talks to us at several levels.  First, there are words directed toward our Mind.  Second, there is a ten-week experiential process which aids us embrace personal responsibility for navigating the quality of our experiences.  It seeks to empower us to respond consciously to every facet of our life.

One of the core tenets involves integrating emotional charges/imprints which exist from childhood.

And, dear reader, I want to say that this is one of maybe ten spiritual books of the last quarter century which has assisted so much in my own process of awakening into the present moment.  It has provided a practical approach to integrate suffering in a way I have never before understood or felt able to encompass.

(I was ready to quit after Week Two of the process.  Fortunately, I asked Spirit to give an opinion.  A dream appeared with utter clarity which insisted that this process would be valuable.  And–ohmygoodness!–has it been valuable!)

I am still currently engaged in this process, so do not want to share any personal revelations. 

But I do want to recommend the book for like-minded open-hearted souls who are reading this blog and feeling a deep “Yes!” resound from deep within. 

If you choose to undertake the process, let me know.  After you are finished, let’s talk! 

Blessings to all~~ Love, Kathy


22 thoughts on “The Presence Process

  1. After reading this and after seeing you earlier, I am SO ready for this experience.

    ” It seeks to empower us to respond consciously to every facet of our life.” I want that, I really want that.

    Thank you for telling us about the book, and thank you for always being present in my presence. You’re such a treasure.

    • Susan, I do want to share more about this process with you in person. Maybe lunch~~guess we can’t do it this week. But maybe the week after? Just you & me?

    • Blessings to you Kindred Spirit! It is interesting that you just said these words about not being alone~~because I just typed these words to someone else before going to bed last night and here you are saying these same words first thing this morning. Bowing deeply. Namaste!

  2. [Edit: Attention, the following is a sharing of me, from me, NOT to be taken as a mirror, rather just an attempt to show who I am and what I thought in the moment(I added this after, because parts of me worried over the ABSOLUTE HORROR AND UNKIND WORDS, AND TRAMPING UPON ACTIONS–that might be translated, if a reader looks for what is not present, but feels from triggers and recollections instead. ]

    Hmm…you know how I feel about having someone else tell me what to do and how to do it, it’s a stealing of my spirit, it isn’t real for me, it’s only a copy. OOOO there! I said it and I didn’t dress it up. It seems very furry, this honoring others to be what and who they are, alongside of me, my own moments. To speak and to share how and what I feel about it, can and might lead another to be hurt or to misunderstand(scary quaking moment!) (giggles at image that popped into my head and prompted me to write oooo scary quaking moment)

    My next thoughts are …who says integrating is important, besides the part of them, in that moment, that wishes the thoughts and wishes and integrating to have importance? Is it so strong a belief that it is important to share it in a book, to demand others follow along in the ‘right’ way? Is it so weak an inner YES, that it must be affirmed in public by writing and book sales? Part of me is laughing and teasing me about that feeling I always had about the Artist’s Way, and that I did it anyway, and was reminded to listen to myself. It is still hilarious that I never REALLY know, till hindsight which is Heyoka serious lesson telling or absurd humor at ridiculous ideas. Of late, I rather feel like I’ve been on the beating end of the stick between the two.

    Suppose now, I’ll add that book to my list, so that I do not have to wonder over it for another lifetime 😉

  3. Elisa, it’s funny, I saw that you had read this yesterday evening and immediately intuited your reaction/emotional response. I love that you listen deeply to yourself and attempt to act from the integrity of what you perceive. It’s interesting–this author didn’t seem to have any spirit-stealing energy. I didn’t even perceive he was telling me what to do.

    He had mapped what worked for him and offered it as a possible map for others to use. He likes the word “integrate” rather than “heal” and that resonates with me. I like to listen to what many others suggest (from you to my daughter to my husband to friends to book authors to people on the streets) and utilize what works & feels right for me.

    Who says we need to integrate? (Another good word might be accept or love or allow.) If it’s coming from outside our deepest longing–if it’s coming from another person–then it isn’t valid. If it’s coming from ourselves, like a spring or a deep well or flowing water, then I think it’s valuable.

    The author was pretty darn clear: Do NOT push this book on others. Do NOT tell anyone they should integrate emotions. That’s why I put in the clarification: ask yourself deeply first. It sounds like your answer is that you need/want to find the love/acceptance/allowance from yourself and not from an outside source. Perhaps you don’t need an outside source to offer another map.

    Don’t add the book to your list, Elisa, unless it falls off a bookshelf at your feet while visiting a bookstore. And, even then, you can gently dust it off and put it back on the shelf, smiling, because you’re following the path you know you must follow.

    • I copied this portion of my comment over here too:

      …I was thinking about that book post. I think I have been an awfully SLOW shit! I appreciate what you said, and it’s still true. It’s just, that I’ve been noticing the quotes that I find for the Morning Trip, that help me to express a think or a feeling OR they help to spark a PONDER. I try to assimilate everything that I read, well at least I hear it and fiddle with it, take what I want and leave the rest. I DO have intense dislike with those who write things to TELL others what to do, rather than having them listen to what they already know about themselves, But, all creative expressions are just that underneath it all, beyond marketing and moneymaking. In a way, I ask people to do with my writing, the same things that have me spit at others for doing it in perhaps, a more directive sort of way. If I could get past my immediate reactions with some things, I might have figured this out sooner. Knowing what is right for me is good, Making my own choices is good. FEELING soooooo right, that I can’t see the likenesses within the differences, well at the moment, it’s displeasing to me. Thank you for helping to make the lessons coming at me a little bit clearer. It helped me to do what I had to do this morning.

      Kisses the top of your head!

      • I am smiling, Elisa, as you said “I am such a slow shit”~~not because of you, but because of me. After I read the Presence Process and have been DOING it, I kinda thought to myself, “Kathy, you really should have figured this out before now!” I love how all of us keep teaching one another through our sharings. The author of the PP would probably agree with you, Elisa (although I am just imagining that) by giving you a HIGH FIVE!

        What has been so stunning to me is actually feeling all my painful feelings, as they arise, without attaching a story to them. Simply feeling. Feeling down to the core without a story. And watching something easily and gently shift, integrate, allow. Deep, deep parts are sighing in absolute relief and crying gently because they are finally being allowed in their entirety. Something I thought I was already doing, but no. I was still conditionally allowing the feelings to arise, still supervising, controlling, sedating, mentaly turning things toward the positive.

    • Colleen, have you been doing the process, too? Deep bows. I am starting Week Eight tomorrow. Hugs and love to you and our common presence…

  4. Hum, now I’m really curious. Will check out the book and the ‘process’ straight away – thanks for the tip and your offer to connect following the read – I look forward to it Kathy.

    • I will be so interested to hear about your process–or thought on the book, Alison. We can connect via email if you like when you’re willing to share your experience!

  5. I think this is the second time lately this book has come to my attention. I don’t feel I NEED it, but I pay attention. If I find myself ordering it, or borrowing it, I shall assume I will probably read it, hahaha!!
    Thank you for sharing. I love the “offering” approach, which recognizes that there is no NEED, and that what was helpful to one might or might not be helpful to others. Some of us are “led” to offer, others are not. For myself, sometimes I share and sometimes I don’t. I do notice which is happening, haha!

    • OM, some of your comments over the years perhaps suggest that you don’t NEED the book, that you perhaps have already allowed and embraced some (many?) of your emotional charges. I don’t know. I find I know less and less about other people as time goes by. I just know that I had been able to integrate/recapitulate so much of my life, but there has felt like a huge stuck area in the past few years that I could not–for the life of me–figure out how to penetrate, how to allow. And when this book practically fell off the shelf, and the dream nudged toward completion of the process, the stuck area has begun to open and…oh…the tears of joy are arising yet again.

  6. My curiosity is piqued, but it seems the book isn’t available on Kindle, so I sent a request to the publisher to have that done. In the process I discovered that the author, Michael Brown, maintains a website, There are CDs available there, which look interesting. Thanks for offering this, Kathy!

    OM (hi OM!) once recommended the “Translucent Revolution” and reading that prompted a great turning point in my life…

    • Barbara, thank you for mentioning the website. I discovered it last week, too, but forgot to put it in this blog. What I like is that he describes a practice for deepening into present-moment awareness that really seems to make a difference. At least it has for me.

      I have been meaning to read the Translucent Revolution” for ages, and, in fact, thought about ordering it again recently. Guess I’m waiting for it to fall off the bookstore shelf! 🙂

  7. WOW, Barbara!! What a delight to hear that!! I’m glad for you, and also happy because so often we never know what seeds we have sown, have sprouted!!
    And thanks for the website reco!

  8. LOL!!! I imagine that too, Kathy! It helps keep me going! But it’s nice to encounter something materialized!
    Yes, I too imagine I don’t NEED the process, but I am, like you, ready to discover that the extent to which I am already doing it, can be deepened or expanded. I was just listening to something Adyashanti said, “Awareness is the great (ultimate) solvent,” as he was articulating one of his wordings of the process. The Matrix Energetics process, too, which I am learning, involves the same thing, in different words.
    I still have stuck places. I love your description of your experience in the comment just above, Kathy, and while I am intimately familiar with those tears of joy (relief and awe,) I long for more of them from my still-stuck places!

  9. Hi Kathy,
    It’s been some time since you did the Presence Process. How did it impact your experience of life? Does it still resonate now a few years on? I have half done it three times! I really get it’s potential to unlock charged emotion but I find myself pulling back at critical moment. I’m scared shitless that the universe has some huge crisis awaiting around the corner! Oh well, bring it on, bring it on. On some level, I feel dead inside anyway! I’m giving it another go in a week’s time. This time maybe I will feel dead on all levels and that will be my liberation! Namaste to you dear sister and fellow love warrior. 🙏🏼

    • Andy, these are fascinating questions. Thank you for asking. I remember being so excited about the Presence Process and really getting into it. The biggest impact it had, all these years later, is that it began to teach me how to stay in difficult feelings without running away. To learn how to stay with pain, suffering, charged emotion. It was one of the ways the Universe began to ease me into this process. When something was painful my initial response (from childhood on) was to run as fast as possible away from it. Because it hurt so damn much.

      Not sure if you’re familiar with Scott Killoby, but his work also assisted in this direction. To patiently move within a charged emotion, somehow convincing our scared selves that we won’t die. I’m still learning daily about this. Many contracted areas have fallen away by allowing them into consciousness over the years, but then more reveal themselves. 🙂

      It seems like our minds are always attempting to convince us that crisis WILL happen if we let go into it. Good luck in your next go-round with the Presence Process. Feel free to come back & share–if you want to–what it reveals to you. Kathy

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