Your woods

In this moment we know what to do.

It’s exceedingly clear, not muddy like the puddle

near the house

or streaked, like your kitchen window.

It’s exceedingly clear.

You know what to do.

It’s not what your neighbor or friend or mate would do.

It’s not what your parents would do.

Your heart is calling you, singing to you,

dancing in twirling circles, begging you–

yes, you!  only you

not that person three houses over,

or that person who reads blogs thinking

they know the Way.

It’s exceedingly clear.

Yet how often do we argue our heart’s desire away,

shirking it the back corner of our daily lives,

putting it aside until more time or energy or

spiritual currency demands its due?

Our heart knows what will lead us–our unique fingerprint–

into its ultimate expression,

its ultimate realization.

It knows how to erase all that blocks the path.

It’s mouthing, “This way, this way…”

How many more days shall we ignore?

How many months shall we refuse to

invite for dinner that which truly knows?

How many years shall we trod the left or

right-handed path when


we’re meant to stride out into the untamed woods

into what we can never know,

unafraid of getting soaked or muddied,

devoured by bears or cougars,

hopelessly lost–

except for the inner knowing

which can never be lost,

never gone,

never obliterated,

if we choose it as our

compass, our divine.


20 thoughts on “Compass

  1. How lovely, what a lovely expression, Kathy!!! Thank you!!!

    Apparently I was a tough case, too dense (pun intended) to even see that clarity you point to. So I asked Divine Will/Larger Self/Heart’s desire/Spirit/God/dess/Whatever to bypass the seeing and the human will altogether, and just operate my body. And It did/does.

    Now the human “I” is riding the roller coaster. I observe what my body is doing and kibbitz: “Oh no, you’re not going to THAT, are you? That’s dangerous. It could result in ……. yadda yadda yadda. Oh, I’m scared, let’s not do that!!” Or sometimes “Oh yes, this is great, let’s have more of THIS!!” Or sometimes “Hmmmm. Now why did I do THAT?” And often “No, I would rather do this, or I ought to be doing that.”

    Now and then Goddess decides to operate the mind, too, and then things get blessedly (pun intended) quiet in here!! The mind is asking for more of that…..It enjoys the vacation, LOL!!! Despite the presumed “dangers”, LOL!!!

    I love that you put your thoughts into poetic formatting. It really guides the mind differently!!!!

    Big hugs to you!!

    • I have not yet met a person who wasn’t too “dense” to get this, myself included, OM. Thank you for being another friend on this journey…sharing it with the world…

    • Oh, Jane, I’ve been lost in so many questions, too. A wise person once said, though, that once we ask the questions–the answers are already there. I’m counting on that.

    • What offense have you committed, Elisa, that we all haven’t committed? Perhaps our offenses change by name, but not by larger category. Perhaps “offense” is not even the proper word. Perhaps it’s just that we choose to sail one way first; then another way. The first way is not an offense, merely the direction that once called.

  2. Kathy, my practical mind stopped aguing my heart’s desire away some time ago, when I finally gave my heart permission to lead the way, with everything. You have put into your own unique words exactly how I have felt for quite some time now. How do you do it? How do you just “know” how to hit on just the right words to say, at just the right time? You are such a gifted lady, dear Kathy. 🙂

    • You have a wise practical mind, Joannne. Your heart must bless it daily. I don’t know about being gifted…sometimes finding the “right” words to say just mean that I need to get out of my own way and let the words speak themselves. Thank you for your encouragement and support, Joanne.

    • That is such an interesting question, Dawn. Perhaps because we’ve grown comfortable where we are? Perhaps because we’re somehow scared of the unknown? Perhaps because it seems like too much work? Perhaps we don’t have confidence? Perhaps there is still something to learn in our current situation? So many possibilities…one reason, I think, that we need to keep pursuing awareness. Looking deeper and deeper…

  3. “It’s exceedingly clear”

    When we scrape away the scales that we’ve let accumulate on our eyes, ears, and heart — when we’re aware, are mindful, and pay attention — it is, indeed, exceedingly clear.

    • Silly girl–did you just call the lake pics “stunning” and then the Compass poem “stunning”? YOU are stunning! **laughing softly with you**

  4. The journey within – love the image of “my” woods – as Einstein said, “at times I feel certain I am right while not knowing the reason.” I love the way you’ve described that inner knowing, Kathy.

    • Thank you, Kel. As someone who is sipping tea right now…I agree with you. Although tomorrow morning, coffee may disagree. Thanks for stopping by the blog and pausing with your words.

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