Pulsing tea

A world exists within the world that we see everyday; a wondrous world, a magical world, an utterly ordinary world.

We humans usually look at the large in our lives:  the trees, the chairs, the cars, the bodies, the sky. 

We glance cursorily at objects and name them:  cup, tea, song, computer, stomach ache, doorbell, radio, blog.

Our minds so often label and look no further.  Our brains are made this way, perhaps, to allow rapid processing.

Yet a rich world underlies this name-claiming domain, this fast domain, this concepted domain.

A microscopic world lies waiting, totally exposed, totally vulnerable, always available.

What is a cup of tea?  Can you find it?  Can you taste it, name it, truly see it clearly?  Can you be with it, like a companion, like a lover, like your best friend? 

Can you slow your tea-drinking tongue and lips and taste buds way, way, way down? 

Can you slow it so far that tea-awareness pulses in your reality, like mini-lightening zaps?

You you reach the sensation of pulsing?  Can you see that all of reality pulses, pulses, pulses?

In this mini-world, this world of pulsing, of movement, of throbbing, of invisible song, your interest will perk its tea-drinking ears and watch, fascinated, as you look to discover the “you” drinking tea and it can’t be found, nowhere in the room, nowhere in the universe, and there’s simply tea-drinking, if that’s what these pulses are called by linguists and people-in-the-know.

How could we ever be bored or restless in this microscopic world?  A buzz from the refrigerator becomes fascinating!  Look at the way paint shines.  What exists in between breaths?  Why does the word “bird” mean nothing, nothing at all, but what’s coming out of that beak sounds like the most exquisite concerto you’ve never heard?

In this world you could sit until sunset, simply drinking in pulsing reality, sweeter than honeyed tea. 

Pass the cookies, please.  Although whoever dreamed of calling these “cookies” has never truly felt them in this moment in a tangled jewel of teeth, chocolate, tongue, walnuts, total abandon.


9 thoughts on “Pulsing tea

  1. Oh yes, Kathy, we benefit so much from valuing every single moment, and every single aspect, of every single thing that happens, throughout every single day. If we spend our lives seeing just the chair, table, tree, cup, tea, we are in danger of becoming simply ‘cardboard cutouts’ ourselves. There are way more dimensions to ourselves, just as every single object is multi-dimensional also.

    And yes, the tea does pulse! I love that title! 🙂

    • You are so right, Joanne. It’s so easy to just drift through life in that cardboard cutout way. So enthralled to think of the multi-dimensionality of everything we humans sometimes minimize to a mere label.

  2. Where have you been hiding ittle this blog? I love it and as this is the first post I have read I will dig a little deeper. I love the minute detail in our lives and feel this is what ups the quallity of our existence. So many miss it with their TV numbing 2 dimensonal lives!R!

    • I wasn’t hiding this little bitty blog, honest, Claire. (Unless it was hiding itself! Hmmm…it’s a peek-a-boo blog, maybe?) So glad that you paused here and will come again. thank you so much.

  3. Kathy, your words this morning opened a moment without words. Exquisite. As is the tangled jewel of teeth, chocolate tongue, walnuts and total abandon.

    • Thank you for the jewels you’ve revealed in your appreciation, Colleen. Those sacred pearls of moments just waiting to be found… Happy weekend, dear friend.

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