Do you want me to tell you the truth,

that everything we think we are,

all the majesty and greatness, the pettiness and sobs,

the words and wordlessness,

the green pastures of our wisdom and the

folly of our misunderstanding,

our sin and our angel wings

are only a hiccup

in the amazing field of awareness?

We are a hiccup.

A blip and a blither.

We are the screen wavering, ready to shut off.

We are the screen before it turns on.

We are the hiccup witnessing itself with utter

fascination, appearing to forget itself,

losing itself in the chest

rising and falling for

maybe eighty short autumns.

When awareness finally stops hiccuping,

will it go chasing another bout?


Did I scare you?


Did your hiccups stop?

Who were you in the moment between hiccups?

Can we feel the answer before the next breath,

before the diaphragm jerks again,

before we try to stop,

before we surrender fully to the next

unscheduled and unplanned–



8 thoughts on “Hiccup

  1. Thank you, Nicole and Laurie. Dust in the wind is another way of looking at it, Nicole! And I love that radiance that you describe, Ms. L. I wrote this poem sometime in October and couldn’t get it quite right and was ready to discard it today but decided it might be enjoyed or spark awareness in someone, even though it was a hiccup of a blog. 🙂

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