How confident dare you be?

Queen of Impatients

Dare you be as confident as a queen on her

coronation day?

Dare you be draped in robes of assurance,

crowns of Knowing?

Dare you show your face to the crowds,

knowing that you’re the One,

the One we’ve been awaiting?

Are you prepared to lead?

Are you prepared to walk without stumbling

down the path of your exquisite unfolding?

Dare you speak up, unafraid?

Dare you state the truth which beckons from

your very core, the center of your essence,

that for which you’ve been born?

Are you afraid to claim that which sings its calling song

in night-time dreams,

in silent hopes?

in quiet desires?

How confident dare you be?

I double dare you to claim it all!

The Universe awaits your approach on

petaled carpet…

show us.

Don’t deny us what we’ve been waiting

since your blooming birth,

your flowered opening.


6 thoughts on “How confident dare you be?

  1. Like a leaf turning in the wind, like the sound of rain on maple leaves, this poem is like the smell of a baby, the feeling of cold cheeks after playing in the snow or the taste of the first fresh picked strawberry, it lingers in the soul.

  2. Thank you Laurie and Elisa. Thank you, Meg and Ben and Nicole. How powerful do we want to perceive ourselves today? I find it fascinating that it is usually easier for us to claim either vulnerability or power, and yet the two co-exist, a coin with two sides that is inseparable. It’s a beautiful day, indeed. It lingers in our soul.

    I am going to have a cup of coffee. Yes, it’s decided. I’m that powerful. LOL!

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