“a life of being, having, and doing enough”

the title is a book by wayne muller.

i am slowly reading this book.

it’s all about presence.

it’s all about many things.

right now i read this:

There is a time to give and a time to receive.  If we can rest comfortably in this natural rhythm, allowing time and attention for both, we begin to cultivate an easy, effortless sense of replenishing abundance.

and a few pages later:  If we are attentive and awake, we know when we honestly have care and attention to give and when we are actually in need of care and attention ourselves. 

and the title of the next chapter, which i haven’t yet read:  The Sufficiency of Presence.

don’t we learn as we grow through our days that it’s really the sufficiency of presence which is enough, more than enough?

it’s our heart beating next to a loved one.  it’s the way we hum when we’re happy.  it’s our deep listening.  it’s our rhythm of expression and silence.  it’s our dance.

so often we think it must be more than presence.  we think we must help, heal, entertain, serve, do some grandiose act.

but, truly, accompaniment is the miracle.  presence is the miracle.

we’re walking side by side in this moment.

sometimes you pause along the path to rest.  i nurture your silence, honoring it, allowing it.

sometimes i rest in our friendship and you carry my spirit in a pocket near your heart.

life doesn’t get more astounding than this, does it?


14 thoughts on ““a life of being, having, and doing enough”

  1. Kathy.
    Great relief that I cannot even find the words to communicate. I do not know why I seem to make it so difficult to say the concept you described so well in so short and meaningful a space. I can’t tell if I’m sad or so joyful but I’m exploding. I am very glad God, that someone heard me. Thank you for sharing you Kathy.

      • Do you know that I am noticing that part of loving me as myself is when I make those daily and momentary notations of what I was taught to call my inventory? I had always viewed that as a list and a watching of what I am doing and what I might need to do to correct or to refrain from doing. This morphed into that reacting bit. I have noticed that when I do have what seems like a genuine need or desire for myself and I stuff that down, I can get explosive or kill my spirit somehow. I think that I need to allow that stuff too. It makes me more me to say it out loud, not just to myself, but to others. If I am having trouble in the way it is coming out, perhaps give me a break and do it anyway and work on the manner of expression later!

        • Allowing even that…not letting things be stuffed down or pushed away prematurely. I have learned this in recent years too, although sometimes forget it.

  2. Hi, Kathy — I believe in presence and the different qualities that might be present within our minute-by-minute presence. I just have to be here now and whatever presence is appropriate for me will rise up whether I need to receive or give, be with others or be alone, and all that. Presence is what brings life to this very moment right now.

    • Barbara, I do so believe what you have written. I like what you say about whatever presence is appropriate will rise up. That feels right–faith and trust guiding presence.

  3. This is such a good thing to spend time thinking about as we so often worry about our failings when presence is enough. I will think about this through today. Thanks.

  4. You have said it so well, Kathy. Presence is enough. Not as easy as it seems though. But each day comes to help practising and enjoying this serene feeling of being just here, now. Present and complete. Thank you for sharing your thoughts that are always meaningful to me.

    • Not easy at all, Isa. Not easy at all. But, like you said, we can practice. We can surrender into this perfect moment, over and over and over again. Thank you.

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