My body broken for you

Look around…

This is my body, broken for you

into grey majestic tree bark

and computer screens

and funky ducks.

Look!  I am Christmas lights gleaming from garland

and scrap paper.

I am your VISA bill.

I am those photographs and your thought

that there must be something more,

something more than this.

Like that fishing reel hanging on the wall,

we’ve swallowed the hook and misunderstood,

thinking we’re silver-glinting fish

called Kathy or John or chickadee or poem

when we’re really

the arising,

all of it,

my body broken for you

into imperfect perfection.


12 thoughts on “My body broken for you

  1. This is very Rumi, and very Hafiz…

    “All the Hemispheres

    Leave the familiar for a while.
    Let your senses and bodies stretch out

    Like a welcomed season
    Onto the meadows and shores and hills.

    Open up to the Roof.
    Make a new water-mark on your excitement
    And love.

    Like a blooming night flower,
    Bestow your vital fragrance of happiness
    And giving
    Upon our intimate assembly.

    Change rooms in your mind for a day.

    All the hemispheres in existence
    Lie beside an equator
    In your heart.

    Greet Yourself
    In your thousand other forms
    As you mount the hidden tide and travel
    Back home.

    All the hemispheres in heaven
    Are sitting around a fire

    While stitching themselves together
    Into the Great Circle inside of

    From: ‘The Subject Tonight is Love’
    Translated by Daniel Ladinsky

    • “Change rooms in your mind for a day.”

      and then when we greet ourselves in our thousand other forms we’ll be astonished, totally astonished, at the variation and expression of Oneness. Thanks for the poetry perfume, Nicole.

  2. I was going to yell “EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!” but I like this better:

    Amen, sigh the leaves in the tree. Amen, chirps the chickadee. Amen, howls the VISA bill.

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