Awaken now!

All you with a fire in your belly to awaken to the Oneness which we are–2012 is your golden opportunity, your silver possibility, the cusp of the moon!

If you’re content to stoke the fire which now smolders, to perceive the world in your customary way, to shore up the boundaries of an individual self, do not read on.

If, instead, something burns fierce to realize no-separation, no-self, no-other, then add more wood to your fire!  Now is the time!  You have been awaiting this day since the beginning of no-time, and so have I.

Take your bellows and blow air on the smoldering ashes.  Blow with your entire might.  Blow like an archer flexes his bowstring.  Relaxed, yet taut.  Determined, yet focused.

Coals slumber, thinking themselves coals.

With your precious awareness, blow them awake!

It is the midnight hour, 2012, the doorway you’ve been waiting.

The end of your world, as you know it, should you desire to proceed.

It’s where your desire points, like a finger toward the moon.

It’s the crux of all your other desires.

Nay-sayers will insist you need do nothing to awaken.  Believe them if you choose! Others have fully awakened into laughter through the nothingness of doing.  Follow that path if it calls you.  But if your fire needs fresh sweet air, burn bright!

Zen masters everywhere burn away the mind, bowing before the sacred match which annihilates all our preconceived assumptions and stories.

Everything is One in its sacred expression, have you glimpsed it?

Are you satisfied with only glimpses?

With fierce determination, turn toward awareness and ask, “Who desires Oneness?  Who is the one who perceives?  Who sees?  Who hears?  Who thinks?”

“What is the sound of one hand clapping?”

“Mu!  Mu!”

Today, this moment, you have a choice.  Will the fire in your belly, rise, rise, burn the wood to ashes, smoke up through the chimney and curl into the open blue sky?

It’s 2012!  You shall never have this opportunity again.



16 thoughts on “Awaken now!

  1. I desire and I accept, Kathy, as I read your beautiful words with tears in my eyes and in my heart. Tears that I can’t explain, or describe. And that feels OK…….

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