Day 3 and that’s all folks

Day 3 of my spiritual journal:  That’s all for now folks!

I am hoping you enjoyed these entries, and perhaps are inspired with energy to focus on your own journey into your deepest self.

I am spending the next three weeks, until the next airplane flight above the clouds on my next trip, intensely in meditation and spiritual focus.

Shall I back up and explain why no more daily journal entries shall arise during those three weeks in Simply Here?  (I won’t say no more blogs.  Just no more journaling stories of this timbre in January.)

If you still occasionally tend to think in terms of “good” and “bad”, like I sometimes do, you might have called my experience yesterday not-so-good.

Yesterday started with a good hour of meditation.  Lovely, yes?  But the rest of the day amounted to lounging around the computer, playing computer card games, checking blog hits, responding to comments, reading blogs…in other words, completely and conveniently forgetting that this was supposed to be days of connecting with awareness and Oneness.

A new strategy was required.

Today began with 40 minutes of focused meditation before the outward meditation commenced.  I have spent the day acutely present, here, now, witnessing steps, fingers, wood, turning the key in the ignition.

Meditation while driving.  Meditation at work.  Presence in the forefront.

You fill out a form at work, witnessing your pen move.  You watch your fingers at the keyboard.  You pause between actions, sensing the larger awareness.  You talk on the phone without losing yourself in the conversation.  Or, rather, you can’t find yourself while talking on the phone and you’re aware of it.

It’s always easy to seemingly fall back asleep, losing oneself in activities.  The practice becomes simply staying present.  Not always easy.  But the only path that ignites this heart, the only way left.

However, after almost a full day of constant meditation, words begin to dry up. They head out into the woods, leaving you alone in the house.  It becomes challenging to create a thought (except when someone talks to you–and then you witness answers arise by themselves). Thoughts become so inadequate in the shine of what-we-are that sitting here at the computer and writing journal entries feels impossible.

This has been the first time that I have shared my inner life in this way while blogging.  Most folks are not aware that spiritual focus informs so many actions and thoughts and awareness in my life.  This is what Kathy’s about, until the day she fully realizes down to her fingernails that she is not a separate self.

(Thoughts actually feel like they’ve understood non-duality.  The fingernails don’t agree.  Thus–until the fingernails realize they are not separate–and maybe even after–we won’t be calling ourselves completely awake.)

Still waking up…  Love to all of you and your own deepest hearts!