“You don’t need to change”

Hi there, whoever you are!

If you’re interested in

glimpsing beyond who you think you are,

if you’re passionate

about it,

here is a good blog to read:


I wrote her an email today telling her how much I appreciate her.

Who is the “I” that appreciates her?

Who is the “you” that is reading this blog?


9 thoughts on ““You don’t need to change”

  1. I appreciate this so very much, Kathy, tangled as I have been today, with the same questions that Jan speaks to. And calmed by her words; it’s not our business to answer the minds pesky questions. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Right now I am one with the lemmon in the taste of my dinner. . . . gosh it’s good. However the I AM THAT I AM is in accordance with (as Laurie said) that which mingles, congeals, co-habits with all that is, creating the experience of unity. . . . which on a day-to-day basis requires WORK.

  3. Hi Laurie, Colleen and Alison. Thank you for stopping by and sharing yourselves here (or Oneness’ expressions). What I liked about Jan Frazier’s thoughts is that, when I heard the words, it felt like the duality between doing and non-doing finally–oh Lord, finally–kind of dissolved a bit.

    The “work” which is required is our attention. “Don’t be lazy” she says. The “work” is our awareness. The not-doing is what we’re after. We’re turning our attention toward not creating a separate self, to realizing what’s already there.

    I’ve always said you have to do something to do nothing. The “something” we do is point the laser of our attention to Oneness, to the whole, to totality instead of the separate self–which we’ve been trained to do since birth.

    Reading that was another ah-ha! moment.

    Thank you for sharing it.

    Love, Kathy

    • OK, “laser” is the wrong word. It’s more like a diffusion of awareness. No effort. Already there. The “effort” involves looking at what’s already there instead of at the separate self which we’ve created.

  4. Jan is really Great Kathy!

    Thank you!

    I really liked these lines

    “It isn’t your business to answer the mind’s pesky questions. Just trust that your really huge, utterly non-attached self is saturated with wisdom that is dying to leak into your regular life, and if you give it half a chance, it will do that.

    One thing that happens, the more you do this, is that you (bit by bit) stop believing that the regular-life You is what you most deeply are. So you are able to “hold it” more lightly, because there isn’t so (bloody) much invested in its upkeep. Yes, you will still tend what needs tending (very tenderly).

    The point is, you don’t have to figure everything out. Something in you (that outside looker) knows this.”

    Also, there is a community that supports establishing confidence and stability in the “looker” as Jan calls it. The balanced view community calls the looker “open intelligence”. They have a ton of videos, audios, etc. Here are a couple of sample video links.



    Deep Bow!

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