This one is for Ben


There is Open Intelligence surrounding us at all moments.

There is no need to do anything.

We are what we seek.

We are the rising, the falling, Rumi’s breath.

We are the singing, the sobbing, the sigh of Hafiz.

It’s all over before it begins.

It never began.

We are everything which arises,


why limit ourselves to a single being,

a Ben, a Kathy, a Laurie, an Elisa, a Patricia, a Colleen, a round-Robin?

Why not see ourselves as we truly are:

the computer keyboard, snow falling, this cup of tea.

Every time you try to do, you’re falling back

into the personality, the limits.

Pause between breaths, as the suffering arises,

connect with what never leaves,

never left,

never shall desert us.

What are we?

Only that huge Everything,

that amazing gift of Presence,

never born,

never dying,

always gesturing towards itself

and everything you see, hear, feel now

in this room.


It was never otherwise,

no matter how you dreamed it

sunrise after sunrise after passing sunrise.


9 thoughts on “This one is for Ben

  1. Kathy, this leaves me singing, soaring, sighing, smiling!!!!! It is the most exquisite thing I have read from anyone in a long time. GAWD!!!! (That’s a label, an invocation, and an exclamation, LOL!)
    Thank you with all my heart!
    P.S. This arrived in my email inbox right below a message from a young Indigo-child man who’s in a group I am in locally, wherein he was offering discounted sessions for us for his new acupuncture practice. His name is Ben.

    • Tis amazing, OM, all of it! I love that a Ben appeared in your life just as this appeared. I am glad that you are singing, sighing, soaring and smiling.

      (And I am also glad you told me that I’d inadvertently turned off the comment function here. It’s turned on now!)

  2. OMG Kathy!!! By the time I was halfway through this poem, there were tears streaming down my face at the Beauty of it. It’s exposure, revelation, and penetrating presence. The wonder and awe of pure experiencing. This is the gift of creation in its deepest felt sense.

    How elegant and wonderfully humbling the swooning of the soul from this reading!

    It is like you reached inside pulled out the open, natural, and truest and reflected it back with the most Amazing Clarity in the most perfectly resonate way! Oh My Goodness, can you imagine the vulnerability and intimacy of being seen so clearly and utterly naked??? What a gift that is!!! None better I say without shame.

    I feel like a Salsa dancer that has been dipped and locked in the most intimate penetrating gaze into my eyes. These days I don’t mind the image of what some people would label as the feminine. It is the exposure of divine femininity relaxing open as the Beloved penetrates us sometimes tenderly, other times wildly, and intentionally deep. In truth, we are locked in the dancing ALL.

    What an extraordinary way to die before physical death!

    I cannot imagine any Greater Gift! As a friend from China would say “This is the poem of a Lifetime forever alive within. I smiled in the assurance of how I don’t have to grasp it in the usual way as the words with each reading highlight the luminous allowing we embody.

    Like my wild friend Hafiz, it kicked the door open to the Tavern of my day, and said we will be having some reverent resonance to start the day followed by a long drunken ecstatic celebration of our true nature!!! No Escape!!!

    That picture of spaciousness IS so perfect and the title so direct. Just relaxing to open spacious the real and true intelligence. Isn’t it unbelievable? This knowing is who we are. All the hard work was never necessary. The simplicity of it so perfect. Arising so artfully in this poem.

    And pointed to so simply here…

    It brought an imagine that comes forth from time to time of newly created beings standing in the clouds looking over the great clear expanse before the dawn of manifest reality holding hands in awe knowing they are THAT and the joy inherent! They are poised to leap into the ALL vowing to help each other to see this eternity the whole way through releasing each other from the prison of separateness. You have done your part well Kath.

    I can’t pick an excerpt to the poem that is my favorite. I don’t want to break it apart or separate it. I want it whole as it is.

    I don’t want to point out and comment on the special meaning of any one part. I want the totally of what it reveals to overwhelm any “self constructed” boundaries.

    With everything that comes up today, this aliveness will envelope it as it arises and resolves.

    I bow deeply with arms thrown out wide to this Bar Keep and the HOST, as I am having the stay of my life in this most magical Inn.

    In Deep Gratitude for Receiving the Deepest from your Most Artful Essence!

  3. Kathy –

    I have nominated you — again — for the “Versatile Blogger Award.”

    The rules as they were provided to me:
    Nominate 15 fellow bloggers
    Inform the bloggers of their nomination
    Share 7 random things about yourself
    Thank the blogger who nominated you
    Add the versatile blogger award picture to your blog
    (here’s the code to insert when the widget asks for the URL or link:

    You can see the complete list of 15 near the bottom of the comments section of my current post:

    • Laurie,
      in Versatility we arise,
      In Versatility we sing our variations
      to a sun which never stays still,
      a moon which always shifts its body
      into different selves.
      Versatility is what we are
      as awareness sings through us,
      sings everywhere.
      Bless you for letting the versatile spirit
      sing through you!
      I touch pink flowers, honoring you,
      touch snow.

      thank you!

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