One, indivisible


Are you separate from your neighbor,

your friend across cyber-space,

your son,

the man on your doorstep?

The mind insists yes.

You’re separate.

You’re you.

The other is Other, another body,

another unfathomable separate being.

Yet what encompasses you both,

the other and self?

Does not awareness trump all cards?

Does not something in you perceive everything,

you and other,

whole, indivisible?

Could not you and other simply be movements

in the awareness we are?

Are we not one continual veil of awareness,

one continual perception composed

of dancing reflections?

Do you think you decide?

Or does a decision simply arise,


Who decides what you’ll do next?

Who shakes the hand of the man on the doorstep?

What looks across the room of this poem

and can’t divide,

never divided,

never will divide?

That which precedes mathematics

is what we are.

One, indivisible,

in its million appearances

shaking hands with itself.




10 thoughts on “One, indivisible

  1. It seems I struggle with this concept all the time by intellectualizing about it; trying to understand it (I’ve had the most success understanding by referring to the Native American worldview). But really, how often do i experience it? I can count how many times on one hand, all uninvited, all a momentary flash in the pan…

    • Monica, I love your comment. I so relate to your experience. That momentary flash-in-the-pan that we try so very hard to replicate, and that our minds can never ever wrap around. Blessings.

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