The belly button answers

She's contemplating hers

Today Susan and I ate lunch together.

We shared our lives, our thoughts, our pondering, so many things.

We ate.

I ate a veggie burger.

She ate a turkey burger.

We both ate coleslaw and sipped water.

We laughed.

We laughed so hard people six tables over

raised their eyebrows and


Did we cry?


We’re friends.

We spoke of spiritual matters

because, of course, all of life

is a spiritual matter.

Although we Minds like to divide it neatly

into spiritual

and material.


and physical.

Although, truly they are One.

At one intersection of the flowing conversation road

we spoke of decisions, of wanting to know which way to turn.

Because I am rested from a Pause,

I suggested

turning to the area

below the belly-button.

Here’s what we might do when we

don’t know what to do.

Breathe deeply with our attention

one inch below the belly button

or two

or whatever

keeping the attention squarely there.

Breathe once,





deeper now,




Now ask your question, your indecision,

to the Universe.

Let the answer come from below your belly button,

to that place beneath words.

Let the answer arise as a knowing,

beneath the mind’s churning,

the mind’s


because that’s what Minds do best in their

eternal prevarication.

She asked her question.

The belly button answered.

It’s always good when the belly button answers,

isn’t it,



16 thoughts on “The belly button answers

  1. LOVE this!

    In tai chi we call this area the dan tien (or tantien), referring to our “cauldron” or “pilot light.” A very good place to seek an answer, as it’s already in residence there.

    • Good thing there’s an answer already in residence. They say that’s always the case–that an answer rises simultaneously with our question. Sometimes we get a little confused because the mind tries to answer it every whichway without consulting something deeper. Thanks, Laurie.

    • Colleen, one day we will all know this so thoroughly that no reminders will be necessary. We’ll step into each answer effortlessly, without even an arising question. Thank YOU.

  2. Perfect timing post Kathy. Made me stop. Then I realized that what I’ve been “pondering” needs to be dropped lower down into that 2nd chakra area, where the power of natural knowing resides. Thank you for this tickler.

    • Alison, not only are all the questions and answers available right now–there is always perfect timing. (At least I keep reminding myself. Blessings for knowing where that natural knowing rests and rises.

    • Barbarann, feeling that stilling within us. Feeling the knowing you describe. Accepting it fully–now. Feel the power of that which always lies within and without.

    • It’s interesting, Joanne. Last night I asked that spot a question and received no immediate answer. Yet the more the energy and awareness remains low and centered there, we can have faith that the answer will arise in an absolute knowing in its perfect timing.

    • Aren’t we lucky that there are friends in the Universe who know this, Barbara? So lucky indeed that we can share with others on this journey, others who sense and know.

    • So thought provoking, and yet beyond the realm of thought, too, Claire. I find it so thought-provoking that I cannot access your blog no matter how hard I try to comment. It simply won’t let me in. The Universe is not allowing for some reason… But know that I read, and smile. Glad when the fog is not inside and confusion reigns.

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