One magnificent reader



One little viewer

paused here this morning


Simply Here

to simply

be here.


One little viewer.

My heart delights

imagining that one.

It doesn’t want more than one,

doesn’t desire endless readers, only

that single elusive

shining magnificent light:

One reader.

That’s all who ever reads our blogs




14 thoughts on “One magnificent reader

    • Perhaps you shall be the only commenter, as well, dear Colleen! So often now the world comes as One field of awareness and we laugh, amazed, that we once thought the individual parts were somehow more solid than that which precedes it, the All. (OK, sometimes I forget. But in those moments of remembering OR forgetting, I delight in knowing you. What a gift! What a gift each of us is!)

    • Alison, I’m not sure how much of this Oneness talk needs a comment. Perhaps all it needs to do is open us, or move us to drop our sense of individual separation. Thank you.

  1. I came back through here today because I was thinking. Everyday, I can notice one sunrise and one drop of water. Everyday I can grow so much from the feeling of it inside, that I nearly burst. Everyday I can notice that I lack the words that express that feeling, exactly as it is to another.

    If, one day, I got everyone to simply notice the sunrise and notice the drop of water…

    and if one day the feeling I feel and describe clicked within them

    would it still be special?

    I know that spreading noticing doesn’t diminish, though it can create a TON of books and ‘self-help’ places. I wonder if that feeling, if caught, would be attempted to be manufactured?

    I wonder if this would change my experience?
    Today, I think that my view of One, is not what you mean, but not so much good.

    My heart delights and my fire sparks to see one other heart delighting and sparking in a new way.

  2. Elisa, sometimes I think that we can never truly 100% understand what another person experiences. So often I read the words and can intellectually understand, but not feel. And feeling is what brings us together as fellow beings.

    Let me try to explain what Oneness is beginning to reveal to me. You know how you look out at the Tree Place? And you see the trees, and the plants, and perhaps a deer, and that rock, and Elisa sitting there? Oneness has become identifying with the All instead of identifying with only the person sitting there. That the only “real” thing is the seeing, the awareness, the scene, the totality. All the limited views drop away and you suddenly wonder why you were so fixated on viewing the scene from the vantage point of a person?

    And then, in the next moment, it is Kathy reading Elisa’s words and suddenly back in a person instead of realizing that I am Elisa-Kathy-camera-computer,rock, words, all of it, simply all of it, simply here, simply One. Oneness is the awareness of all of it and that’s who I know we truly are, not the individual beings thinking and believing and making judgments…

    This may not be what you addressed, but these are the thoughts that arise upon reading what you wrote.

    • How delightful that you found your way to this little shining bit of the One, Amy-Lynn. We are all indispensable. Without even one of us, the jigsaw puzzle is incomplete, the Holy Grail missing.

  3. I think One reader is so much more intriguing than 10 or 100. It gives your writing that much more purpose! Just think: that One reader needed to see your words! How magical and special! 🙂

  4. “When one flower blooms, Spring awakens everywhere”.
    John O’Donohue
    When a reader visits you Kathy, inspiration fill one’s soul with wonder and gratitude. I have not been very present lately but am all the more happy to be here again and start reading. Thank you.

    • Isa, I always love the sense of your presence when you visit. Hoping your health issues have been resolved. Honoring that one flower blooming into Spring’s awakening.

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