The yak-yak-yak can’t survive this

You're blooming...

Our inner body is alive, invisible, indivisible!

It sings, doesn’t it, a song of thanksgiving, of joy?

We cover up its singing with yak-yak-yak.

We write play after play

describing our personalities, our days, the way the sun rises

and sets.

Our inner body can’t contain itself.

It spills over into blossoms and chickadees.

It spills over into stern-faced preachers and

Red Hat ladies.

It spills over into everything you’ve seen since yesterday

and the day before.

Heck, it spills over to everything you’ve smelled and heard

since the day you first breathed Earth’s air.

When we quiet our mind, sometimes, if we’re lucky,

if we’re not half-way between here and where we think we want to be,

we sometimes

still ourselves completely

and suddenly we’re sitting in our living room,

not doing much of anything,

just looking,

just being,

and suddenly we’re there,


where we began

and where we’ll end,

perfect peace

and maybe some joy if our inner body ignites.

Friend, we’re almost there.

Let go of everything

and feel.

The yak-yak-yak can’t survive the beauty of

this cresting moment.

Now, now, evermore now.



18 thoughts on “The yak-yak-yak can’t survive this

    • NDP, no need to be jealous–these words just floated toward the typing fingers from the Oneness that we all are. thank you for visiting Simply Here.

  1. It can take so much practice to finally find that place of utter peace within ourselves, but it is so worth it. Like all new habits, it must be learned, and once we have done so there’s no turning back! Ah yes, “let go of everyhing and feel”…I love that. Thank you Kathy. 🙂

  2. Kathy – the “yak-yak-yak can’t survive the beauty of this cresting moment” part of me it hovering about 6-inches (or more) off the ground!

    Tomorrow (Apr 26) I have the unique opportunity to be one of eighty people to have lunch with the Dalai Lama after he speaks to a crowd of 4,000 people about peace at Loyola University. I plan to yak-yak-yak about the experience next Tuesday at Speaking from the Heart.

  3. Yes, just quietly sitting, and sometimes during taking a step across a room, it comes crashing in or forth, not just quietly sneaking up!!
    I just love how you remind me of all this. You are utterly delight-full.
    Breathing gratitude,

  4. Sighing as I read your words, and half-way-smiling and much else that doesn’t come easily into words.

    …”if we’re not half way between here and where we think we want to be” seems to be a familiar place lately. Thank you for this Kathy.

    • That’s how I felt on and off last week, Colleen–half way between here and where we think we want to be. The last couple of days (OK, mostly today) the most delicious peace has re-established itself. Hoping that you can feel that peace right now.

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