Chakra breathing

purple chakra, tippy top of your head…

dearest reader,  if you are tense

or frightened

or annoyed

or sad

or pondering war

or the dentist,

or tonight’s dinner,

may i suggest a lovely meditation

destined to melt deep tension?

Do you all know the seven chakras?

base of your sweet spine,

deep in your womb or lower abdomen,

in the depths of your stomach,

oh, yes, dancing in your heart,

upwards to your special throat,

further upwards to that Third Eye between

your lovely eyebrows,

finally at the top of your head, yes,

rising out of your magnificent hair.


Close your tired eyes, my love,

and breathe so slowly, so deeply,

into that first chakra, the base of your

existence, your deep spine,

breathe in and out,


eight times.

You can’t do this quickly.

Let your breath flow like water.

Let your breath sink with your attention into

this deepest part of yourself.

Eight times, mind you, breathe.

Now turn to your sexual chakra,

your relationship chakra, and


Relax, breathe, you can’t help but relax,

you can’t help but melt into what you were before

sunrise slanted between your morning blinds.

Eight times, mind you, slower, slower, slowest.

Move up in your body, your sacred stomach,

your open heart,

your tickled tonsils,

your wise third eye,

that open space in your head which never closed

and never will close.

Eight times, seven chakras.

Now turn to any part of your body, oh your body,


breathe eight times into this hurt and that hurt,

eight times,

the sacred spiral number eight,




Breathing, breathing.

If you have time–and don’t we all have time if the

Mind isn’t insisting otherwise?

breathe into the whole body eight times,

tippy toes to frizzy hairs at the tippy top, and

do you have another eight breaths to give

to the world,

the world beyond the body,

what you also encompass,

even though we forget?

Ok, my sweet, now open your blue or brown eyes

and just breathe gently,

never stop breathing,

so relaxed now

you’ve forgotten this is your natural state.

you’ve forgotten

you’re being breathed,

oh sweet oxygen,

oh sweet utter surrender.


12 thoughts on “Chakra breathing

  1. This is probably the 4th or 5th post I’ve read in less than two days about chakras. Hello, universe– are you trying to tell me something? 🙂

    Thanks, Kathy!

  2. I am glad you have all enjoyed this little meditation. It was so powerful for me yesterday. I felt deep inner caverns relax in the most exquisite ah-ha of continuing to let go.

  3. Hey Kath! I do something very similar to this every morning as part of my awakening energy practices. I hadn’t considered chakra breathing by itself during the day.

    I decided to do this while working at the computer just now and got a nice refreshing open cleansing feeling from head to toes.

    Doorways to bliss they are.

    It’s easy and can be done at any time. Loving That!

    Thank so much!

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