The person who tells a story of a snake


I wish I could describe what it feels like.

Reality arising.

Nothing like before, when the Mind dictated terms.

And yet, something like before, because the Mind still attempts dictatorship.

Lately, it all arises as One, sometimes.

You can obviously see that you’re

not a person.

You’re a this-here-now.

You’re what’s arising.

You’re the wind/what’s for dinner/fingers typing.

You’re everything,

aren’t you?

You watch a person tell the story of a snake,

pretending it’s her!

You watch a person do this, that, this, that again,

and yet you’re none of that.

You’re a song which encompasses it.

You’re an eagle, peering down as you circle the bay.

You’re the moon.

You’re the sun.

You’re the larger view which the smaller viewer delights.

You’re beside yourself.

You watch every thought and think,

not true, not true, obviously not true.”

You are not yourself and you are amazed

when people package you into a self.

Some day you will never package yourself again.

You will not encompass anything

except possibility.

I wish I could describe what it feels like,

this friatta and garden salad,

this sweeping and leaving,

the feel of everything arriving and

departing before you can express

a single word.


8 thoughts on “The person who tells a story of a snake

  1. I took a class once titled “Literature and Mortality.” I was young and opinionated but didn’t know much. The professor spoke of the fissure between life and language. I believe it took me 15 years to understand what she was talking about.


    • How easy it is to mistake the wave for the ocean which we are, Alison! (I keep falling off my surfboard at times. Boy, is this ocean HUGE!)

  2. Like Laurie, The line “Some day you will never package yourself again” held so much meaning. There’s no need for packaging, yet we do it, and others do it too. Yet we are all just…everything.

    • Joanne, I have been pondering our infatuation with being a person, having a point of view, separating ourselves. I believe we want these points of view the way an artist desires to create a painting or drawing. Thanks to the packages we all are…and the realization that we’re much much more than our wrappings.

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