An Extraordinary Absence


from Jeff Foster’s book:  An Extraordinary Absence  (Liberation in the midst of a very ordinary life)

In liberation, everything changes and nothing changes.

Everything changes because it’s no longer ‘your’ life, and it’s seen in absolute clarity.  Everything changes because it all becomes so wonderfully light and transparent.  Everything changes because now life is no longer in opposition to death.  Everything changes because everything you rejected, everything you denied, everything you pushed away is now seen to be nothing but an expression of unconditional love.

And yet, nothing changes.  Chop wood and carry water.  Eat, shit, grown old.  Get cancer.  Scream in pain in the middle of the night.  None of that stops.  This isn’t about living in some New Age fantasy world.  This isn’t about taking on comforting concepts and surrounding yourself with cotton wool.  This is reality at its most raw.  Nothing can be blocked out anymore.  It’s the end of control.  It’s a free fall into an intimacy with everything.  It’s a love affair with what is.  It’s an absolute alignment with life.


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