And the snake said, “Hey,Eve, baby…”

Hey, Eve, baby…

This morning, coming home from work, thinking:  Gosh, I have made so many mistakes in the name of spirituality in this lifetime!

Second thought:  None of them were mistakes.  How can something be a mistake when you learn from it?

The funniest little side road I took a few years ago:  continually turning every thought into its opposite.

What a great learning experience–for me.

What a travesty for some family and friends!

The poor things.  To have half their words reflected back to them in the opposite manner of their intent.

Surely they never requested such a topsy-turvy way of viewing reality.

Kinda the opposite of being present with someone, don’t you think?

Then there was the 20-year detour into dreaming.  Surfed through millions of possible worlds.  A mistake?  Definitely not.  I learned how to be as flexible as a rubber band.  Learned how to pirouette on a dime.

But learning how to be squarely in this world with two solid feet?  Not quite.

Or when I believed an external authority and attempted to become enlightened from what worked for them.  (Not always a wise path to take.  Our inner selves know so much more than Enlightened Teacher.  Although sometimes ET can guide the way toward your deepest inner self.)

No choices were mistakes because each opened a different faculty, a different chakra, a different energy.

But looking at these erratic choices from the outside could have looked incomprehensible to bystanders.  (Everything always made perfect sense to me.)  Guess that’s always the danger of judgment, eh?

When we’re coming from non-traditional perspectives, our choices sometimes look darn right weird to viewpoints coming within more accepted awarenesses.

Note to self:  don’t make that judgment mistake again, will ya?  Always remember that others view the world through unique eyes with unique interpretations following unique paths.

Made any “mistakes” on this spiritual journey yourselves?  Did you learn from them?


11 thoughts on “And the snake said, “Hey,Eve, baby…”

  1. Kathy, oh my goodness, yes. I have made many interesting choices over the years and here I am now. How perfect is that 🙂

  2. Oh yes, mistakes a plenty. It seems to be the way I learn. I’ve walked quite a few of the non-traditional paths, tripping up along the way on rocks and tree roots, high expectations and low judgments. It’s a good thing, too. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I’d just played it safe or didn’t bother to explore at all. 🙂

    What a pretty snake!

      • I am glad too, Kathy, and oh so grateful to you for inspiring me to open my door and walk outside. It’s changed my life in a fast-forward way, as if everything, all the other paths I walked, were waiting for me to encounter your blog, take the hint, and go for it. I feel like I caught a good wave and all I had to do was stop fighting the flow and learn to enjoy it, or at least be present with whatever was presented along the way.

        Thank you. And namaste. 🙂

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