Taking off our armor

We’ve worn armor for sixteen centuries,

no, sixteen billion light years,

helmets and chain mail,

silver combat suits gleaming to protect us

from the “other”.

Look at the armor we wear daily,

protecting us from our “self”.

Daily we grab our armor, our email,

telephone, TV, book, cuppa coffee, glass of wine,

cigarette, makeup, movies, sugared donut,

oh you name your armor,

we all have them piled up in the refrigerator or

under the TV.

Today won’t we take off everything, simply everything,

that covers us up and find out

truly, truly

who we are beneath protective gear,

behind endless trips to the computer

“just to see”?

Who are we when we stand defenseless

without reaching out to fill the inner ache

with outside distractions?

Are you ready to find out?

Is it time to take off your armor,

lay down protective gear

and meet this moment naked and raw

and not-knowing?


9 thoughts on “Taking off our armor

    • I love, love, love when you–and others–resonate! (Although, over here at this little blog, I don’t mind when people don’t resonate either. tee hee. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we someday might allow all that arises to arise without caring if it resonates or not?)

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