Deep enough

Taste it

It shines so clear that there is nothing, nothing, nothing in this world except the Absolute!

Only God exists.

If you don’t like the word God, substitute Awareness.

If you don’t like the word Awareness, substitute Life.

OK, you don’t like the word Life?

Substitute Love.

You think the word Love is too limiting?

Substitute Infinite.

What?  You don’t like the word Infinite?

Substitute…the All.

You don’t like the word All?

Substitute Oneness.

You’re still rejecting?

No problem.  That’s what Minds do.


Ummm, substitute…

I can’t think of another word which begins to describe

what existed before your first breath

and what shines before your last sigh.

Everything, simply everything, answers every question before it rises,

encompasses every doubt before it sprouts,

my goodness, sweetling,

it’s all here, now, this!

(Before the mind begins its arguments, taste this raspberry.  You’ll never

ask another question, ever, I promise, if you taste

deep enough…)


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