The divine play of “my” two blogs

The same. Oneness. No difference. It’s all consciousness arising.

What is the difference between this here little baby blog “Simply Here” and my mother ship blog “Lake Superior Spirit“?

This blog hints at the Absolute, which can not be uttered.

This blog sings in moonlight to something inexpressible within us, something which contains and shimmers as the All.

This blog IS the mother ship.

This blog challenges duality to a dual and giggles, because the All never duals itself.  It IS everything heard and seen and imagined.

This blog can never express the Absolute–the everything–and yet plays at expression.

What is Lake Superior Spirit?

A celebration of the relative.  A celebration of one momentary focus of the Absolute, a blip, a personality, a pretend-being playing that it’s not the divine Absolute.

This blog speaks a language called Absolute-ease which does not exist.

That blog speaks a language called Relative-ease which pretends it exists.

They often seem to contradict each other, but that’s only a joke the Absolute plays on the relative.

There IS no duality.

That is the joke.

That’s divine play laughing and laughing and itself–because there is only itself, no matter how much you attempt to break the “Self” into parts.

Join me in Divine Play?


13 thoughts on “The divine play of “my” two blogs

    • Dear Laurie, so few people visit this blog that I wonder if they’re even aware that an Absolute exists. Or maybe they are only interested in the relative. Or maybe they couldn’t care TWO FIGS about non-duality. The absolute doesn’t care. It just keeps smiling. Tag, you’re it now!

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