If you’re not pretending

Why, dear friend?

Think, my friend.

Do not pause.

Why do you refuse you realize what you are, right now?

Why do you refuse to realize you’re the Infinite, the Amazing Infinite, the undefinable Infinite?

I look at myself and try to name it.

1.  I refuse to realize the Everything that I am because I like this character, this representation of Self.

2.  I refuse…because words are so funny, so amusing, so entertaining.  I want to pretend they are true.

3.  I refuse…because it’s fun to pretend we are satisfied by externals.

4. I refuse…because the word “I” still thinks it exists, at times.

5.  I refuse…because the Divine itself hasn’t released its grasp, because it loves pretending through this Kathy-character.

In this present moment, if you’re not pretending, what ARE you? Can you answer honestly?  Dare you?  Or do you like the divine hide and seek?  Do you like the pretense of humanity?

Why are you not 100% identified with the All that you are?

What are you still getting from this white water river ride?  What appeals to you?

Why are you still holding on to your raft?


8 thoughts on “If you’re not pretending

    • If you’re talking about the header across the top of Simply Here, it’s actually a WordPress header that I loved, too. If you’re talking about the photos over the posts, they are mine. I swear I am not pretending. Thank you for your good words.

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