Every day we create.

We seek newness, rawness, edge.

We’re seekers beyond the ordinary.

We create from juicy ripe red desires.

We create words, books, coffee dates,

trips to buy organic produce, paintings

splashed with orange vibrancy.

We seek to create beyond What Appears.

We’re not satisfied with sitting on the couch.

We seek, we create, we’re mini-gods like Zeus-Michael

and Aprodite-Jennifer and Artemis hunting her

next fix, her next dance, her next amazing

Caesar salad for dinner.

Oh how we create!

We were born to create.

We reach for TV Kingdom and create stories

to burrow before bedtime.

We turn on the computer

and create in Facebook, in WordPress, the

words dribbling from our fingers,

painting word pictures,

pirouetting like the best ballet dancer,

oh look at us humans!

Born to create, born to create, and how we


Look at yourself, Sister.

Look at yourself, Brother.

You’ve created an entire life, you mini-god,

you angel, you devil, you dabbler.

You keep creating something extra,

some fizz,

some pump,

some glory,

some trip to the South Seas,

that hot soothing cup of coffee,

ever the next creation and the next and

the next.

Until one day, one fine moment which isn’t

past or future

you clearly see creation for what it is–

and isn’t.

You’re the last creator then, or the first.

If you try to stop creating,

you’re doomed.

If you try to resist your desire,

it balloons and you’ll heroin-fix yourself big time.

You see creation for what it is:

big, glorious, magnificent,

small, unnecessary, completely beside the point.

Creation was here before you wrote

this poem.

Anything you add is delightful and

truly not needed.

It was never needed.

What exists before your poem,

before you reached to read this poem,

before you poured your coffee,

before your creative mind conjured

verbs to escape this already-perfect moment?


8 thoughts on “Creation

  1. I am imagining, that when all is said and done, and I am finished with this time, in this body, looking back? and laughing with glee at the truth of this. Yes, we were born to create. Our life, no right or wrong or more or less. And (maybe) completely beside the point. And wondering what in heavens name was I thinking!

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