Divine suicide via Jeff Foster

Your angel

Your angel

Lately I’ve been gobbling up Jeff Foster’s words because they resonate with something within.

If any of you have Facebook, you’re welcome to gobble up his thoughts about Divine Suicide, too.


Please listen deeply if you’re feeling wounded, stuck, depressed, unable to move forward or backwards.  Please listen if you’re contemplating ending your life.

One of the things that it’s teaching me is to be more present to ALL of my thoughts.

What if our thoughts can’t be claimed as ours?

Can we sit beside our thoughts, anyway, and truly listen to them, as we would a dear friend, without trying to change, to heal, to convince?

My December challenge–to myself–is to meet every thought as a friend.  To find where I can meet every thought of my own and others in love, in agreement.  Not necessarily to act on every thought–but to be deeply present with all the thoughts and emotions that arise.

It’s an Advent gift to myself from myself.

Anyone want to join me?

To meet every thought and feeling as a friend?  From now until Christmas?


20 thoughts on “Divine suicide via Jeff Foster

  1. Really enjoyable read of what Jeff has to say Kath.

    What I felt when I was reading the article was Jeff’s willingness to not only listen, but to be totally open and vulnerable. In that vulnerability, this lady saw that the real freedom was to have the courage to be seen, really be seen as she actually is in all her humanness. A willingness to know that she is enough as she IS.

    Jeff didn’t need to teach. He was fully open and human as he is. The relief she felt was opening up to her vulnerability as a human, as she is, and that was a relief. It was freedom and liberation. Unconditional. Liberation is not a performance related activity. It is who we are as we are.

    We live in performance based societies. Many of us our tired of fearing that we won’t measure up. The answer is not escape. It is feeling open into all of these arbitrary standards unconditionally as we are.

    Below is a link to really good TED talk by Brene Brown on vulnerability. This is one of the most watched TED talks of all time. This is the core issue today in so much that we face individually and collectively.

    Being open to my thoughts? Sure. How I really FEEEEL in all my humanness as I am. Absolutely.

    If the video resonates, her latest book really addresses a lot of this opening to vulnerability and the root cause shame issue. Vulnerability opens the door to unconditional liberation as it is regardless. My life lesson for sure.

    Daring Greatly


    Wonderful Blog Once Again.


  2. Ben, I am so glad you resonated with this and that you’re daring to live open and vulnerable, honoring precious feelings. I will try to make some time to listen to the the TED talk.

    Was thinking about thoughts/feelings today on my walk. Did you know that–maybe it was the Tibetans?–couldn’t understand that we westerners have two words (thoughts/feelings) that discriminate between what they perceived as one arising. They literally do not think of a distinction between thought and feeling.

    I found that fascinating. Am feeling such waves and waves of deep feeling by deeply allowing every thought. More so than ever before.

    Namaste, love, Kathy

  3. I was just thinking of this as I walked yesterday but the hard thoughts are the ones that no matter how peacefully you clothe your spirit, still are violent and hateful. How to embrace the child that is throwing a tantrum, the heart that is thorny?

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