Confusing words

Of words and beach shelters

Of words and beach shelters

From the book Meeting the Mystery:  Exploring the Aware Presence at the Heart of All Life by Nirmala.

(For those of us sometimes confused about the words of others…)

“What really matters is whether someone’s words expand your own experience of the truth or not.  Anything that adds to or expands your experience of truth opens and softens your Heart, quiets your mind, and expands your sense of yourself.  So when words do this, you can savor them and ponder them to fully absorb what they are pointing to.  If anyone’s words (even a spiritual teacher’s) have the opposite effect and contract your Heart, make your mind busy, or make you feel small and inadequate, then you know those words are not important for you.  You don’t need to reject them or make them wrong, just let the idea be there and move onto something that is truer for you.”

(Does this make you feel a little bit more peaceful?)


14 thoughts on “Confusing words

  1. yes, it does; I have a good friend who uses the phrase “disturb my sense of peace” as in avoiding anything that does or people who do; there are words and people, though, that stir something in me that calls for more exploration so if my peace is poked just a bit, I might go have a look-see.

    • You are so right, Barbara. I thought of exactly that peace-poking when posting this quote and wondered whether to share. However, just for today this quote made my heart soar, so thought we’d share this half of the truth today. Perhaps someone else needed to hear this perspective right now, too.

    • Monica, I am lately wondering if words can ever improve upon the silence. In which case–if we followed Buddha’s example–it might be a mighty silent planet. (Which, come to think of it, that might be very interesting…)

    • OM, how fun of you to say that when MY words have dried up and flown away except right now in this very moment when they happen to be appearing. lol! *hugs*

  2. uhm no, sometimes this ignoring is denial, if we wish Truth so much that we adopt some image of what it is, because it is supposed to be. Deciding the length of time and the energy I might spend upon glimpsing why words cause me to have a cringe feeling or a HELL NO!, can often help me to grow, and in that way, I suppose that is an attempt to become more ‘wise’, to be aware of right and wrong, and simple alternatives to my own way–even if my response is OH MY FREEKin…. 😀

    This author quote does intrigue me.

    • I agree, Elisa. Often the ignoring is denial. Quite often it yields the most juiciness to go into all feelings to–like you say–help us grow. This quote intrigued me because a release happened upon reading it. Too many years, it seems, I tried to make another person’s words or opinions “true” even though the deepest heart did not agree that it was true, now, for me. When I read this quote it was like all that washed away entirely. Strange that a quote one doesn’t agree with 100% can do that.

  3. Oh… and oh. I am so glad I read this today, Kathy, and not two days ago when I was going through my email and thought to do so. I got pulled away at the time and just now got back to it. So much is going on in my life right now and some of the words involved are, well, not important to me. It’s good to think of them that way. Thank you. 🙂

    • Glad this spoke to you, Robin. Would love to be a little bird by your pond wordlessly chirping as you pass today. It’s really cold here today, 6 degrees and a high of -1 tomorrow. Brrrr….

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