Snowflakes, relativity and spiritual teachings

Pondering the spectrum of truth this morning and wanting to share what is coming through right now.

In this relative world of duality, picture a spectrum.  A line which connects two opposites.  Let’s examine this in the sphere of spiritual teachings.

At one end of this imaginary line, let us picture the word “silence”.  At the other end “thoughts”.   (Even though you may not imagine “thoughts” and “silence” as opposites, I do believe it’s a common duality which arises in spiritual pondering.)

Let us imagine a spiritual teacher attempting to advise seekers about self-realization.  Let us pretend the teacher advises us that realization of our deepest nature can be best discovered in silence.

(If you read many spiritual teachers you will have noted there is often a prelude which says:  It is impossible to put spiritual truths into words.  Do not believe anything I say.  However, we, as seekers often really haven’t deeply understood this, so we proceed to attempt to believe what the teacher says, don’t we?)

Snowflake reflections

Snowflake reflections

Let us say the teacher advises silence.  Well and good.  The path to deep realization does so often appear to us in silence as silence.  But there is another truth operating here, and this is what makes any directional teaching so tricky.

Life contains all of the spectrum of the duality, from silence to thoughts. Life is awakening us to itself at all times.  So Life explores life through thoughts and silence.  Awakening to one’s true nature arises at different points on the spectrum at different times.

Each person is like a snowflake, different, unique.  (We won’t concentrate on the opposite:  each person is exactly the same, which is also true at a different point on the spectrum.)  In our uniqueness, Life plays us like a symphony.  At one moment the note rings “silence” and the next moment the note rings “thoughts”.  It rings sixteen other notes in between as well.  Life reaches for us and plays us with delight to discover what kind of music it can produce next.  Because it can.

In truth, awakening to our true nature can and does occur through a thought which illuminates like a clear golden bell.  Suddenly what is false and not-true (or not very true) drops away.  Thought can be as clear and precious as a sunrise.   Thought can penetrate the deepest suffering and truly see.  It is one of the octopus hands of truth, wiggling, waggling, in the sea of what-we-are.

On the other hand, silence can reveal itself to us.  Silence shows us what exists beneath, beyond, over, under, inclusive of our self-creations.  Silence can illuminate.  Silence very closely aligns with no-thingness and shines with a magnificence which can often awaken us to our true nature.

Back to the snowflake’s individuality.  Each snowflake is falling to the ground, grooving on its snowflake nature.  (Not like us humans who are pondering our snowflake nature as we plummet, usually ignoring the ride of What We Are.)  Life, in its infinite wisdom, is playing the difficult human snowflake like a xylophone, attempting to say, “Hey, buddy, LOOK AROUND, don’t miss it!”

So what does Life do?  Life plays an “A” note first which is –let’s pretend–Silence.  It says “Hey, snowflake, your deepest truth in the moment is silence.  Groove on it.”

Five seconds later Life, in its infinite wisdom, might hit the next “B” note and play “Thoughts” and a thought will arise in the snowflake–you’re following this, aren’t you?–and Life will attempt to tease the snowflake into awakening by the thought “Look around!  Don’t miss it!” .  Life then hits a “D” note which is perhaps “heart” or “emotion” which perhaps translates as a deep rich fullness in the chest and then an “F” note which is awareness of the trees and clouds and smell of wood smoke  and a symphony is being played, truly it is.

However, we humans are often still stuck in duality. We think thoughts are opposite silence.  We don’t usually move as fast as Life.  (Yes, yes, we all know that Life moves slow, too.  Play with that spectrum after you’re done reading.)

Each unique person-snowflake listens to Life’s ever-changing melody and attempts to respond to the notes.  One person recognizes deeply that silence is their next movement.  Another person recognizes deeply that thoughts are their next deeply spiritual movement because that’s what Life is playing!

However, we humans argue and fuss and point to our own truth and demand that IT is the only truth.  And then the other humans question if their inner knowing is really correct.  And more suffering ensues because we’re not simply allowing life to rise and fall, rise and fall, rise and fall again as different keys in the melody of what-is.

We don’t let life play us.  We insist we’re personalities with boundaries and certain ways of seeing the world.  We often bristle and bridle at another’s viewpoint because it’s not the same viewpoint as Life is playing through us right now.  We know Life’s viewpoint is correct–we can feel the truth of it deep inside–and how can we not defend it to the world?

Yet, then, if we’re fluid enough, Life plays a new melody through us in the next second and–if we’re not careful–we attempt to defend this new melody as truth, don’t we?

And because we trying so hard to hold onto what Life is playing through us and proclaim it as Truth, we fuss and fume when another supposedly contrary truth arrives through the next person, not realizing it’s simply another part of the song, nothing to worry about, no reason to contract.  It’s all good, even when it’s not good.  (Play with your spectrum on that one…)

I am learning (who is learning? Thought inquires) to recognize the inner bristle when the ego attempts to claim a single truth instead of the spectrum of its song.  The inner bristle isn’t something to be shoveled away like an errant snowdrift, but encompassed as a teacher.  We can see through the entire charade right now–this minute!–it’s as simple as that.

We’re a snowflake falling to the earth.  Enjoy the ride.

The suffering of ego might a hundred times today hear a lullaby of silence and thought, sixty different variations, none wrong, none right, all ever-changing.  A thought might be embraced with joy and delight which will seem absolutely wrong in another context tomorrow at breakfast.  All can be allowed to rise and fall.  Nothing need be defended.  It’s arising and falling too quickly to defend.

Only the mind wants it to be one way.  Life delights in its snowflakes, every one.

*Don’t believe a word that’s written here.  Of course you’re not a snowflake!*


4 thoughts on “Snowflakes, relativity and spiritual teachings

  1. Oh, how “thought” provoking! The hard part is remembering we are snowflakes and that we’re falling towards a bottomless ground. Is this like living without an anchor; the anchor being a single Truth we desperately cling to?

    • I believe you are right, Monica. It’s all free fall…nothing to grasp any more. Thank you for reading. An issue arose the other morning and writing this out resulted in it dissolving completely.

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