How do you explain awakeness?

Our creations

Our creations

When you’ve glimpsed what you really are…how do you explain to another person who passionately wants that glimpse?

During the times I’ve felt most awake words seem ridiculous.  To write a single thought seems impossible.  Nothing could articulate “this-ness”.  To even begin to summarize places one squarely back in the world of dream, of imagination.

Whatever one says is empty.  Empty of truth, empty of reality.  Buddha insisted even the Dharma–the sacred teachings–were empty.

Putting anything in concepts and beliefs and thoughts somehow feels like sand falling through open fingers.

And yet, what do you say to someone suffering, someone passionately wanting that glimpse of awakeness?

What do you say to yourself who so wanted that knowing, who sometimes wants it still?

Some people counsel:  Do nothing.  You are already awake.  Any doing will take you further from your goal.

Other people counsel:  Meditate.  Dance awake the dream.  Inquire.  Do something or you will remain in the fog of not quite realizing who you are.

If I had done nothing, I would still be asleep in the fog of conditioning without even a glimpse of what lies all around.  However, it’s a tricky doing that one does.  One really undoes.   One does a hell of a lot of not-doing to awaken to what one already is.

I am still undoing in every awake moment.

How does one undo?   How does one unwrap one’s conditioning?  Possibly one witnesses, again and again and again.  One witnesses clearly, without adding a story.  It’s the story that binds us to identification.  It’s the story of our lives which lullabies us to sleep.

One witnesses and one recapitulates.  One looks at a very deep level at every single energy-bound event in one’s life and lets go.  One releases endlessly.  One notices when one reacts, bristles, pains, goes numb.  One follows each reaction to its source, over and over again.

A person inquires deeply, so deeply that inquiry reaches the bone and gristle.  One inquires to find the Truth, to discover the undiscoverable “I” which causes such suffering.  One inquires as every thought rises so sure and seemingly true, cutting through the rising with the knife of truth, the Holy Grail.

There exist a thousand ways to undo oneself, to find out the ground which exists before the first story arose to create an identification with self.

At the base of the undoing is the entire world.  It’s alive and constantly changing and thinking and feeling and moving and dancing.  It’s sweet and painful and blissful and annoying.  It’s everything it always was.

Except.  One isn’t identified with it.  Annoyance arises–if it arises–and it has nothing to do with a creature called “me”.  Sweetness might arise and it’s nothing to do with an “I”.  Sourness arises and it’s nothing to do with a solid personality, a hefty self.

As the small self gives way through the undoing gift of grace what rises in its stead?

The entire world arises.  It’s everything and nothing.  You are everything and nothing.  Silly words will never capture the essence of this.

Life adores the stories humans create!  How could Life not?  Life adores everything because that’s what Life is.  Take away any atom that exists and it’s not what you are.

But how can you write these words?  How can you use words as pointers without someone grabbing them hard and making them into absolute truths?

When you’ve glimpsed what you really are…how do you explain to another person who passionately wants that glimpse?  How do you explain without failing?

I’m not sure it’s possible.  But the secret is–who is failing?  Who fails to explain and who fails to understand?

Who tries–or doesn’t try–anyway?

Only Life itself, dancing itself awake…or celebrating itself in another story…another amazing creation.


6 thoughts on “How do you explain awakeness?

  1. Out of my morning fog I find this philosophical questioning, and to clear my mind I had to read it twice. To be with you and have this discussion would be an awesome experience, and experience is exactly how you explain awakening. “Be” awake. Be who you truly are.

    There are no real words to express awakening for everyone, there are paths, journey’s, practices, etc that are avenues that change our perspective, if we allow them too.

    Words are only words unless I have had some kind of experience of how and why they work.

    As I read this my thoughts went to Conversations with God Book 1 which my thoughts usually do when approached with such a topic. On page 3,4, and 5 this is a discussion of how consciousness/awakening “God” communicates with us, imagine just in the first few pages…

    What is says to answer your one question: “Words may help you understand something. Experience allows you to know. Yet there are some things you cannot experience. So I have given you other tools of knowing. And these are called feeling. (intuition) And so to thoughts.”

    I love this Kathy and I wish you were closer so that we could have these conversations! I am so grateful for your friendship, you are awake, you are Being!

    I am Love, Jeff

  2. What is this game called life?
    What/Who am I really?
    Is it too much for language to get to?
    And yet, and yet, there is something that can happen when language is used by the purity, there can be a transmission of something else through/around/under/over the words.
    Life wants to share with life what it has learned.
    Thank you for sharing with me, it helps the separated me remember that the unseparated oneness is not as lonely as it looks!

  3. And yet, what do you say to someone suffering, someone passionately wanting that glimpse of awakeness?

    I believe that ‘suffering’ comes from a person trying to attain what they are told is awake, because the idea of asleep, which has also been fabricated, is labeled as failure. I find it all about what is being attended to, and how much can or is being chunked. I have lots and lots to say about it and those who read to many ‘self-help’ books often come to me very messed up and feeling more horrid than when they began.

    I also laugh at deeply, not YOU, just the idea. There is some hidden and correct deeply, that of course no one has, and thus must seek. I could stand hopping in a dizzy circle on one foot with my furry eyebrow on a stick raised above my head. How much life do people attempt to escape or if -only away by telling themselves they are asleep or awake. It would seem that what is being sought is all, which would include asleep awake and every word, thought, or description in between and beyond. Maybe this all is simply another brand of lullaby.

  4. I’m enjoying your posts very much, but can’t think of words to put in a comment so please pardon me for the “Likes” without anything of substance to go with them.

    • Robin, I like that you just said what you did and pushed “like”. That gladdens me. Never worry about having to say anything more than this. How could anyone respond anyway? Come to think of it, how could anyone write this stuff? lol!

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