Is it a failure to remain asleep? A success to awaken?



In this continuing discussion of non-duality Elisa offered the following comment: I believe that ‘suffering’ comes from a person trying to attain what they are told is awake, because the idea of asleep, which has also been fabricated, is labeled as failure.  I find it all about what is being attended to, and how much can or is being chunked.  I have lots and lots to say about it and those who read to many ‘self-help’ books often come to me very messed up and feeling more horrid than when they began.

I think there is validity in what Elisa believes.  A lot of suffering can ensue when people look at an ideal like “awake” and suddenly long to encompass it.  We can desperately desire this idea of enlightenment and the end of suffering.  We can then sadly overlook what exists beneath our feet–which is exactly what the state of “awakeness” points toward.

Make no mistake, the concepts of “awake” and “asleep” are fairy-tales.  They are stories told by those who have glimpsed Oneness or non-self or All-self.  They’re attempting to describe, in the words of duality, a difference in perception.

Elisa then adds:   I also laugh at deeply, not YOU, just the idea.  There is some hidden and correct deeply, that of course no one has, and thus must seek.  I could stand hopping in a dizzy circle on one foot with my furry eyebrow on a stick raised above my head.  How much life do people attempt to escape or if -only away by telling themselves they are asleep or awake.  It would seem that what is being sought is all, which would include asleep awake and every word, thought, or description in between and beyond.  Maybe this all is simply another brand of lullaby.

Again, I believe she has a valid viewpoint, stick or no stick.

Pondering what she expressed this morning and wondering what new fairy tales might be created that don’t use the words “awake” and “asleep”.  That don’t use words that lengthen the divide, that sharpen the wanting.

I am not sure new words are possible.  Perhaps the wanting must be razor-sharp.  Yet, given the Universe’s amazing feats, many new fairy tales of wholeness and non-divisiveness may be bubbling in the Witch’s brew or hiding in Cinderella’s slipper.

How does one explain a change in oneself where so many veils drop away? Where suffering ends or at least lessens?  Where the “I” partially or fully dissolves into an empty/fullness?  A change where nothing remains the same?  Where the current world shatters or at least shakes?  When one suddenly feels a deep peace surrounding and encompassing even the pain which may arise?

What new words could heal deep divides, if words can heal at all?

It’s time for me to quit sharing about this for now.  It’s time to deepen into this recent realization, to allow it to sink into the next rising minute.

I don’t know anything.  Not a damn thing.  There’s no argument here, either, except the faint moans of distant voices of ego complaining or rejoicing.  Will continue to sit until the Universe points which way to go next.

How does one express a single viewpoint when they all contain the truth of what we are?  How does one continue to say “yes” to everything?

{The secret may be that there is no one needing to respond at all.  Life itself shares the original viewpoint, Life offers another “true” viewpoint, and then Life goes off to sit by the fire and get warm while Life reads this essay that circles around the mystery yet again.}

Thank you so much, Elisa, for opening these eyes even wider this morning.


5 thoughts on “Is it a failure to remain asleep? A success to awaken?

  1. Just checking in again today, Kathy, letting you know that I am reading and appreciating your blogs in this series. And I am getting less inclined, for now, to put things into words,just to say my own process continues at an astounding pace, absolutely astounding, the deconstruction going on, LOL!
    Loving you,

  2. Wanting to thank you all–and appreciate you all–have been experiencing times of being completely inarticulate which doesn’t help in responding to comments. Blessings!

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