Why the ego thinks yesterday’s post is bullsh*t



Yesterday I wrote a non-duality post claiming that our egos endlessly try to fix our personal perceived flaws.

Our egos determine how we’re terribly unacceptable and figure out how and why we need to improve.

We are never enough for our egos!  We need vast self-improvement, don’t we?

Here’s why the ego thinks yesterday’s assertion is bullsh*t.

Of course we need to be fixed.

We can see–so obviously–that we’re not responding or acting properly.  We’re not always lined up with our deepest values.

Our actions do not reflect what we know, truly know, is the truth of ourselves.

Deep inside we know we are peace, love, understanding and a thousand other ideals.  We feel the truth of that.

So when we’re pissed off and make stupid mistakes–obviously something needs to be corrected.  We just need to be a little better, more noble, more disciplined, and THEN we’ll be an indivisible unit.  Our actions and beliefs and feelings will be indivisible.


Of course, right.

The problem comes when we try to fix our human mess.

Fixing usually leads to an increase of the less-than-noble behavior.  (What is resisted persists.  And usually mightily.)

Close and intimate

Close and intimate

What brings us into alignment, then, if fixing isn’t the cure?

Spaciousness brings us into alignment.  Spaciousness is what fixes without fixing.  (Substitute the word God, Allah, Higher Self, Buddha Nature, awareness, or Ground of Being if you don’t like spaciousness or if you haven’t yet consciously recognized the inclusive essence of what you/we are.)

Realizing the spaciousness that we are–the undivided nature of ourselves–heals by itself.  It unifies.  It brings everything together.

Examples, you ask?

Let’s say you know you are love, deep inside.  But, heck, once again, you’re angry as a bulldog at your stupid sister.  You end up sniping at her.  Evil bitch, you think.

If you’ve begun to get in touch with the spaciousness that you are there is a chance that you can sense the largeness of your consciousness.  You feel your ego-identity as a small thing.  You recognize, perhaps, that you’re not really the thinker.  You’re not the thinker of the judgment “Evil bitch.”  That was simply an arising, a thought bubble like you see on those cartoons.

You watch.  Consciousness watches.  There is an encompassment, a larger view, than the self-identified pronouncement.  There is perhaps a smile.

“Ahhh, Ego thinks my sister is a bitch again,” another random thought arises.

There’s a spaciousness between thoughts.  A lack of identification, a lack of swirling into the drama.

The spaciousness simply sees, simply allows.

In that spaciousness there’s often a letting go, no need to approach the sister and tell her off.  Or, perhaps, in the spaciousness, you do tell her what you think.

The spaciousness allows for other options.  Not just the knee-jerk habitual reactions.

The spaciousness contains a “feeling sense” that helps navigate the next decision.  While the mind may proclaim “Such-and-such is bad for me!” the feeling-sense informs whether it’s right for this unique moment, or not.  It’s a moment-by-moment radar that directs consciousness, that simply knows what to do.

It opens like a flower budding, and quite often it opens towards sunlight, just because that’s the next natural response.

So perhaps the ego can understand this a tiny bit:  the “flaws” are healed by the spaciousness that we are.

And, if they’re not healed, it’s still somehow OK to simply let the ego arise, as it arises, with more allowing, more gentleness, more expansion.

Less bullsh*t.


4 thoughts on “Why the ego thinks yesterday’s post is bullsh*t

    • Oh I am glad you enjoyed this, Nicole. I often feel spaciousness within you as we talk. There are pauses of God all around and through you…

  1. I have come to call it the spiral dance, the dance of ego and spirit, or spaciousness and human reaction. There can and usually is a moment of awakening to our reactive being, saying what the heck was that all about. I notice in the past few days, irritation about having to go through a whole process of making certain things happen, happen smoothing or conviently. That I have to move into a place of presence, not be in the place of what isn’t or what needs to be, what is?

    I don’t think yesterdays blog was bullshit, I think it was the moment of awareness!

    Love you,


    • The spiral dance is a beautiful way to refer to it, Jeff. Glad it was your higher self reading instead of the ego. We never know which part of our self will show up in any given moment, do we? Love you as well, Kathy

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