White eagle feather

White eagle feather

I think I love non-duality teachings because they spin the Mind into an unexplainable knot.

The teachings say things that shouldn’t be said in one sentence, let alone a paragraph.  They take two opposite ideas and attempt to marry them, or at least make them co-exist in the same room, like Life itself.

My friend, Susan, and I just talked at lunch between the bites of Reuben and Veggie Burger and Peanut Butter Pie.  She’s not someone schooled in book after book of non-dual teachings but she’s open enough and willing enough to allow many beliefs and ideas to be seen through, to be dismantled.

She understands about spinning the mind into silence to reach…this/here/now.

Years ago I used to walk in the woods.  It felt like the trees themselves would talk and share amazing teachings.  Spirit would share one idea after another that completely befuddled my entire belief system and my mouth would drop open.  I’d walk in the woods completely silent.  All ideas dashed away.

Every idea was shown to contain its opposite.  So many precious Kathy-beliefs revealed themselves as somehow not absolute or true.

Spirit would spin all my thoughts and beliefs into gossamer silence and what would be left?

The woods.  The trees.  The open mouth.  The not-knowing.  The foot stepping over this log.  Green moss.  Not knowing, not knowing, and still not knowing.

I would walk out of the woods and suddenly the thoughts rushed in trying to make a new religion out of what I’d learned.  The next day was spent grasping to gather back the words, to make sense of the inner teaching.  Yet, it could never knit back together into coherence.

Non-dual teachings aren’t supposed to make sense to the mind.  (Except when they do.)  Non-dual teachings aren’t supposed to keep your world into coherent order.  (Except when they do.)

They’re supposed to point to what happens when the mind shuts up.  To what’s immediate when you look beyond belief.

They can be very uncomfortable teachings, indeed.  Especially to a mind that likes to order the world into sense, keep everything safe and under control.

Quick!  Grab on to this teaching before your mind says anything!  Run outside in the wind and sway in your garden like lettuce leaves in the wind.

It’s not too late!


7 thoughts on “Unexplainable

  1. What came to me after writing this–it has always been much easier for me to take non-duality teachings from books, Spirit and myself. It’s been MUCH more challenging when the teachings come from face-to-face confrontation or from people who want to argue. Then, oh then, dear reader…I have often suffered.

  2. I’m so glad I get to be around you and get to learn and observe from you. What a treasure! I’m still smiling about being in your company. Thank you for all share… from a grateful friend

  3. Yes yea and yes, and ditto what Susan said. My mind is beginning to really “get” the vastness beyond its purview, and it sinks to its knees in awe, wonder, and delight, including at itself as a creation of that vast Intelligence.
    I am always so grateful that your mind, as mine, loves to try for the words, while increasingly laughing at the attempt, and while increasing seeing the attempt as not other than the vastness!

    • I love how you just described your experience, OM. That the mind is getting the vastness and the heart is rejoicing. Me too! Your last paragraph did a wonderful job of wrapping it around–the trying, the laughing, and the seeing through. Hang on tight! (I mean don’t hang on at all…lol…)

  4. There is a Spirits of Nature shamanic workshop that I took a few years back. Now I can hear when my plants want water. Walking among the trees, grass, flowers, ivy, and other growing things tunes your body and your mind automatically if “you” allow it — some people walk through woods and never hear a thing. I am fortunate to live on the edge of the woods. I only have to step outside to be next to evergreens that tower four stories above me. They whisper all sorts of wisdom.

    • Barbara, I’ve walked that path of shamanism, as well, and heard the whispers of so many. Thank you for sharing your experience. I do believe that it’s possible to simply open our minds beyond their rational clothes and discover other Universes beyond….

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